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By Donna Westfall – March 23, 2017 – What’s one of the worst things that could happen to you?  Is it to be falsely accused?  Is it to have your children lie about you that lands you in jail?

This past Sunday, March 19th, a small group staged their first protest in front of the Del Norte county jail. The purpose: To Free Bryan Ranger. Bryan is being held on $1/2 million bail on allegations of rape and lewd behavior with his children. He’s been in jail nearly four years without benefit of trial. His parental rights were terminated involving all nine of his children. His wife, Judy Ranger, also had her parental rights terminated even though there are no criminal charges against her.


One sign holder joined his biological mother, Judy Ranger and two friends in front of the Del Norte county jail. Ranger’s son says he wants to right a wrong. Judy Ranger says she had her parental rights terminated based on biased psychological reports by Dr. Tod Roy. Judy Ranger calls herself a fundamentalist Christian.  She dresses like she’s a member of the Mennonite sect covering herself from head to toe. That’s also how she dressed her daughters.

The criminal case  against Bryan Ranger is based on his eldest daughter leveling charges of rape and lewd acts committed against her and her brothers and sisters over five years ago.

Why would she do such a thing?

In the Declaration by Judy Ranger dated May 1, 2012, here are some of the pertinent points:

  • I have been married to Bryan Ranger for 17 years.
  • During the length of our marriage we have had 9 children together.
  • My husband has been a good father to our children and a loving husband.
  • It is my belief that Mercy and (my son) have made false allegations about physical and sexual abuse because they are desirous of living a “normal” life free from the social and moral constraints our family follows based on the Bible’s teachings.
  • (My oldest son) has confided in me that his sister, Mercy, promised him material gifts and a carefree lifestyle if he would tell authorities things about our family that were untrue.
  • Mercy told me that she did not want to be seen with me or her siblings in public because her peers would make fun of her because of the modest way we dress.

Was it because Ranger’s eldest daughter wanted to go live with a rich family and live a life she could never have with her poor, religious family consisting of eight other brothers and sisters.  Did she want to fit in at public school so badly and not be made fun of the way she dressed so badly that she “concocted sleazy sex/molesting stories?” (Refer to  “Guilty until proven innocent – Judy Ranger’s Story – Part 1 Published February 9, 2017.)

Let’s return to Judy’s Declaration for some other pertinent points:

  • Prior to December 29th, 2011, Mercy had never threatened suicide nor attempted suicide.  The first time we heard of Mercy’s alleged suicidal thoughts was from the social services case worker.
  • In January 2012, Mark Nash, the Upton’s son, called me and told me that my husband and I had better sign the Upton’s petition for guardianship of Mercy or our family would be ripped apart.
  • I love my children very much and would never stand by silently and watch them be hurt or abused.

Is it true that if Bryan and Judy would sign guardianship papers to Sasha Weaver Upton, all would be just fine?And, if they didn’t, would threats of more serious charges be leveled against him? Or was Bryan truly a monster acting in the most vile manner against his own children?

Who told Bryan Ranger that charges would be leveled against him if he didn’t sign over guardianship of his daughter?  According to Bryan and Judy, in addition to Mark Nash acting on behalf of his mother, Sasha Weaver Upton, an attorney, that would be former Pastor Walter Throop.

Marcus Nash is Sasha Weaver Upton’s son, currently 47 years old.  Throop is a close friend of the Upton’s. Marcus Nash lived next door above the garage to the house the Ranger’s rented.  His room is a stones throw from their former home. According to documents in the Ranger case, Nash stated he is the property manager for his mom and step-dad, Sasha and Earl Upton.

From the Declaration of Bryan Ranger dated May 1, 2012:

  • On or about January 26, 2012, Walter Throop, a former pastor and close friend of the Upton’s, stopped by with the Upton’s petition for guardianship over Mercy.  He warned me that if I did not sign the papers that Mercy would likely make more accusations that would hurt our family.
  • Walter Throop also warned me that Mercy would make accusations which would cause CPS to take all of our children away from us.

In simple language, it sounds like Bryan and Judy were being blackmailed.

Marcus Nash struck up a friendship with their oldest daughter 14 years old at the time they moved in. Her name is Mercy Ranger.  She’s now 21 years old.  According to her brother, when he was 12 years old, Mercy enticed him to lie about his father by bribing him with things he loved like being able to have electronic games and nicer clothes and being able to eat junk food and drink soda’s, and and not have to buy in to the biblical teachings of his parents. He loved his older sister, and he wanted a richer lifestyle and so he says he lied.

In simple language, it sounds like he was being bribed.

Then reality hit.  He was placed in the system through Child Protective Services (CPS) and Children’s Welfare Services.  Foster homes, group homes and then adopted out. Some of those experiences scared him so badly, he still freaks out at the thought of ever being sent back to a group home. He currently lives with an adoptive family that he states he believes only puts up with him for the money. Last year, he states he ran away and when he got back found out that his adoptive mother didn’t report him missing for four days.

Did you know that foster and adoptive families receive money tax-free? In 1974, the IRS ruled that adoption assistance benefits were public welfare payments and thus exempt from taxation under this clause. The same with foster care payment. Plus, the children can be written off as a dependent on their tax return if they meet 5 criteria. (Always check with a tax expert to verify.)

Let’s take a quick peek at the money aspect of this case. One of the protesters was Connie Morrison wearing her T-shirt with this on it:

When did

  • of the people,
  • by the people,
  • for the people become

As a board member for the Crescent City-Del Norte County Taxpayers Association, she has been involved in following the money on the Bryan Ranger Case which looks to be costing the taxpayers conservatively over $1 million.  The detailing of all the charges is a story for another day. Just know that Connie is a retired nurse and a veteran.  She’s particularly sensitive and says, “when children are ripped away from their parents, given medication or sent to mental hospitals and have been diagnosed without the benefit of a team of professionals (sensitive, educated psychologists and therapists) capable of finding the truth, I think it is a travesty.”

A sign held by another friend read, “Since when is it legal for CPS to take your children, put them in foster care, adopt them out – all without a trial?  The Ranger’s just learned that Bryan’s April 3rd trial date has been postponed once again; this time by the prosecution.

Unlike the oft told stories of prisoners claiming redemption because they say, “I found Jesus Christ.  He’s my savior and I have changed by ways,” Bryan Ranger has been a fundamentalist Christian long before any of this took place. He states that he and Judy were raising their children in accordance with Biblical teachings.  From reading court documents, transcripts and files; it’s very apparent about Dr. Tod Roy’s disapproval and non-acceptance of their religious beliefs and lifestyle, which includes their belief that God passes judgment, not Dr. Tod Roy.

Is this family being punished for being good parents? Or is there more to the story?

Yes, there is more and here’s where the web becomes entangled.

Marcus Nash apparently has or had a drinking problem based on his numerous DUI records including as recent as 2016 and on eye witnesses.  Allegations of attempted rape have been leveled against him.  In trying to confirm these allegations, I called Marcus Nash’s ex-wife and informed her I was holding a Declaration of attempted rape. This was her question to me:

“Was it by a woman or was it by a girl?”

Ah-Oh!  Red flags instantly went up in my brain.

Let’s go back to Mercy.  From the court records and transcripts, family and friends were aware that she was infatuated with Marcus Nash. At one point, he took her to dinner and gave her a camera worth $170. He was 43; she was 16. That was the straw that broke the camels back. Bryan insisted she return the camera because he thought it was an inappropriate gift. And that’s when all hell broke loose.

In this reporters opinion, if this case goes to trial, Bryan Ranger should be released on his own recognizance and reunited with his wife so that he can work on his case without the constraints imposed by being in jail.  This man is not a flight risk.  He wants his family back and his name cleared and he’s prepared to go the distance to see that those ends are accomplished.

In future articles we’ll examine:

  • The associations between former DA Jon Alexander, Sasha and Earl Upton, Dr.Tod Roy, former Judge Chris Doehle, Judges Follett and Schafer, the adoptive parents and the social workers/CPS/Child Welfare Services.
  • Details on the expenditures of taxpayers money.
  • Why some foster/adoptive children are being medicated and sent to mental hospitals.
  • Were the acts of some of the parties merely unethical or were they illegal?
  • Were the constitutional rights of Judy and Bryan Ranger denied?





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