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By Donna Westfall – October 23, 2016 – Chris Renner pled guilty to sexually abusing a boy in his formative years. He was sentenced to serve 12 years in prison and will be a registered sex offender for life. At this point there are more questions than answers.

1.)  Was his family aware of the situation while it was going on?

2.)  Were other friends, family and professionals including his therapist aware of the situation?

4.)  If yes, what is their duty to report?

5.)  If his AA sponsor worked with him for 32 years, was he aware of the situation?

6.)  Was the letter written by his daughter and published October 22, 2016 in really written by her?  I only point this out because I’ve learned in this county that oftentimes during campaigns , letters were written by the candidates and signed by a supporter and then submitted to the Triplicate.  If I were Chris Renner’s attorney, I would want as many letters as possible to present to the Judge asking for leniency.  What bothers me about Naomi’s letter is when she refers to her dad as “Chris” and then as “dad.”  Maybe it’s nothing and I’m just splitting hairs.

7.)  Did Chris Renner ever approach his victim with plans for restitution like paying for therapy?  In researching the subject of children being sexually molested and abused, it can take years before they are ready to deal with it. In our article “Did Sexual Assault Occur at Flying B Ranch,”  published December 3, 2014 the case was closed. The alleged victim told me in the presence of two witnesses, that she wasn’t ready to go into therapy until a few years after the events.

8.)  By all accounts, Renner sounds remorseful, however, was it a matter that he got caught?

Herein is Chris Renner’s letter to the Judge which is part of the public record.




10 thoughts on “Part 2 – The Chris Renner Story”
  1. Can you please do update story. Is chris renner out of prison
    If not. Susanville Prison will be closing. Where will he go then ?
    Did any other Victims step forward ?
    All the Renner gas stations etc. Did he make restitution to him/other victims ?
    Contribute monies to Victim witness ?
    Did he do his therapy or did he go straight to Eureka ca. I doubt if he returned to CC but maybe he did.
    His wife and family lived/owned business in Cc.
    Did she divorce him or stand by her registered sex offender Man
    The story didn’t end. Mr Renner thinks its all been forgotten. It has not.
    An update on Chris Renner needs to be done. For those who spoke up and for those who didn’t.
    People have a right to know what happened to a Pedophile that hid in plain sight; for years, business man, outstanding member of cc Chamber , noted as a respected man in FFA ,
    Finish the story please.

  2. Recognizing the cycle of what abuse does to all of the victims is the only way for anyone to begin to understand this. It appears no one was there for the small child Chris who was abused. Emphasizing the need for counseling, early recognition.

    1. That is laughable, spoken like a true liberal….poor chris… not…this guy wants to blame his past for his conduct…not everyone who has been sexually molested as a child grows up to be a molester…there are many survivors out there unknown and known…Mr. Renner, looks for cop outs for all his addictions…he can’t be helped and when he gets out of prison he will do it again…no empathy, sympathy here for that guy…hell to the NO…

  3. OMG OMG….THE LETTER this guy wrote is REPULSIVE…M.C. is correct to identify this is not an isolated act. Men like this are addicted to the act of harming children…hopefully he will never get out because he will do it again….he is going to prison, and it will be a prison where they send sexual predators because he would not be able to walk the line in any other prison…CorCoran State prison is where they use to send these guys…so they don’t stab each other…is it true the victim was a 5 year old boy??? that is what channel 3 news station had said…

    In any case may he die there and burn in hell

    1. Under current law, he is excluded from being allowed to be released under the prison re-alignment program. He will be required to serve out 85% of his time before being released on parole. He will be required to do 5 years parole minimum for his worst charge.

      He is most likely not going to serve prison then be out. He will instead be civically committed into a mandatory sexual treatment hospital where he will have to somehow prove he’s no longer any danger or threat to society. I don’t believe he’ll be alive when he gets out.

  4. He went to a sexual rehabilitation center in Texas BEFORE he started sexually abusing this particular victim. This is not an isolated case.

    1. I know this because I am ten years older than this victim, and he went to rehab for his so called sexual addiction when I was 14.

    2. well Lindsey, I applaud you for your courage to get this rolling and calling the district attorney…I read the whole file..this guy is some piece of work…he discounted anything you said and implied you were crazy…which is a normal response from a pedophile…I am sorry that young man had to go through this…and I notice that the investigator had questioned other young men who were going to that household as well…they denied anything happening to them, but, I don’t believe that for a minute….they just don’t want to talk about it which is very understandable….what disgusts me is the fact that his supporters, doctors, lawyers, psychologist…wrote letters on his behalf…why…because he used his status to fool the public he was trust worthy all the while fulfilling his dirty little dark secret……there are too many of these people walking the streets…I question those that support him, especially men his age, whether or not there is a secret ring here in town of predators…who are pillars of the community yet lying in wait …

  5. The last sentence of the 3rd paragraph speaks to his inability to comprehend how grievous the nature of his acts are. Just because he was assaulted as a minor worse than his own victim doesn’t in any way make the impact on his victim any less. It’s not the pain Olympics here. His letter is pretty but completely bs.

    And of course he’s going to say it’s a one time thing. But any child sex offender can tell you, the urge doesn’t go away. That’s why there’s Megans Law to help identify where dangerous predators live.

    1. “That’s why there’s Megans Law to help identify where dangerous predators live.”

      He wasn’t on Megans law was he?

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