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By Donna Westfall – January 29, 2018

In the January 9th Board of Supervisors meeting, people of the public got up to address our dysfunctional board.  Everyone that spoke to the issue of electing a chairman, referred to wanting Roger Gitlin as the next in line to serve as Chairman.

Instead, Chair Howard was elected for a second year in a row. Here’s how that happens.  Sup Lori Cowan nominated him and Sup Gerry Hemmingsen seconded the nomination.  The Fix Was In.

So, the rest of us have to suffer with the insufferable Chris Howard for a 2nd year as Chairman.  He writes up the agendas picking and choosing as he wishes.  He appoints them to committees and does not hesitate to disregard their wishes on which committees they want to be on.  Who’s wishes does he disregard?  Why it’s Bob Berkowitz and Roger Gitlin.

Some members of the public came up to the mic and made their thoughts known about who they would like as Chairman for the 2018 year:

First up is former Supervisor, Chuck Blackburn.  He stressed the importance of giving each supervisor an opportunity to be chair, and made the comment that any Supervisor holding that position for two years in a row is self-serving.

Next up: Jake Smith who intends on running for Supervisor in District 3.  Urged them to do the right thing and elect Roger Gitlin for Board Chair.  By the way, Gerry Hemmingsen has been board chair three times.  After Chris was voted in, Gerry Hemmingsen was elected Vice Chair by the same three votes.

Then Johnny Jacobs compared old boards that were approachable vs current boards filled with, “animosity, hatred aimed at Berkowitz and Gitlin.” That’s one of the reasons the old guard was not re-elected (referring to McClure and Finigan.)

Then long time attorney, Vici Dickey, told them why she wanted Roger Gitlin in the chair seat, “two of you are going to run for election and that’s going to take time, energy and effort…” Then she tried to explain respect for the office even if they don’t respect the person. In other words, act like a professional.


One thought on “Part 3: The Fix Is In”
  1. “Everybody got the runs for glory,
    Nobody stop and scrutinize the plan.”
    Paul Simon, “Learn How To Fall”, 1973

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