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Factual Report by Wesley Nunn – February 7, 2018 –

In 2017 Judge Follett sentenced Nolan Bruder.  Bruder, a 19 year old adult, had drugged and raped his sister, a 16 year old minor.  Bruder pled guilty.  This is a very serious felony.  But Judge Follett reduced it to a misdemeanor sentence in which Bruder could do as little as 4 months.  This sparked outrage across the nation including NBC News reporting Follett’s sentencing an “outrage at four-month sentence for man who raped sister, 16”, while Texas Congressman Ted Poe, Founder and Co-Chair of the Congressional Victims’ Rights Causas, demanded Follett “pack his toothbrush and leave the bench” (source KRCR Northcoast News).

Later in 2017, Judge Follett sentenced Wilson Lor.  A minor himself (16 years), Lor was found guilty of raping a woman 8 years older than himself.  But instead of sentencing Lor as a minor, Judge Follett sentenced Lor to 25 years to life.

Four months vs. 25 years to life.  Is Follett fit to be a judge?  I have to say absolutely not.  I believe any idjit could figure out more fitting sentences.

Some speculate white privilege and racism while others believe the good ole boy system is the cause.  Whether that’s true or not, Judge Follett has proven to me he is absolutely, totally incapable of following the law, or applying logic or rational judgment and is one of the last people who should have the power of being a judge.  The vast majority of citizens seem to agree and most are outraged that a person in such a position of power has such fundamentally flawed judgment.

I have first hand experience with Judge Follett’s escapades.  In my case, Follett fabricated his own facts and evidence, contradicting every true fact presented to him (Case No. CVUJ 12-1104).  In another case he fabricated his own law and contradicted the California Legislature.  By the way, Judge Follett is Judge Schafer’s old partner in a law firm here in Crescent City from the 1980’s.  Did Judge Follett go sideways in my case as a favor to the hopelessly corrupt Judge Schafer?  It appears that way.

More specifically, in Nunn v. Fenswick, CVUJ 12-1104, Judge Follett claimed that Judge Schafer awarded Jennifer Fenswick with my property.  Not only was there not a shred of evidence to support Follett’s claim, Follett’s claim directly contradicts (1) the court record, (2) Judge Schafer’s own judgment itself which clearly shows no such ruling exists, and (3) the unrefutable documentary evidence that was presented to Judge Follett.  Worst of all, Judge Follett smirked as he made it up.  At great expense and time I appealed to the First District Court of Appeal, Case No A137415.  The appellate court examined the record and agreed with me.  Judge Schafer never made the award Follett claimed he did.  Accordingly, Judge Follett failed in his attempt to preclude my property recovery claim.

Judge Follett has retaliated against me ever since.  In 2016 he fabricated a law as an excuse to block me from the same preserved right to trial.  This was the same preserved right to trial that was guaranteed to me by Judge Schafer.  It’s illegal for a judge to make up his own law, and even criminal when a judge uses fabricated law to deprive someone’s constitutionally protected rights.

When I finally defeated the statute of limitations based on the ground that Judge Schafer had guaranteed my right to trial, and I proved that I was fully entitled to the return of my property, Judges Schafer and Follett worked in concert to block my access to the court to complete the case.  Follett’s part was to fabricate his own law while Schafer illegally cancelled my hearing and acted to conceal it from the judge of record.  Such obstruction of due process rights is criminal, although corrupt judges are protected by judicial immunity.  For certain, these two judges have callous disregard for rights protected by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Another abusive tactic used by Follett, he proclaims he is not a court of appeal and uses this as an excuse to not do the job he’s paid for.  But he quickly does the opposite and challenges another judge’s orders when it fits his corrupt agenda.  Specifically, in my case, Follett states he is not a court of appeal but repeatedly ignores Judge Schafer’s order guaranteeing my constitutional right to the trial of my property claim.  This is illegal.  So I know first hand that this judge will go to any illegal extent with callous disregard of constitutionally protected due process rights.

Judge Follett says he will retire at the end of this year and fill in as a retired judge.  While this initially sounds good, it’s actually a ploy.  As Judge Schafer has proved (a retired judge for the last 17 years), a retired judge can do the same damage, discrimination, and illegal acts as a sitting (elected) judge. And if Bob Cochran (currently running for judge) becomes a judge at his age with all his pending health concerns, and retires after a month or so, guess who will immediately be assigned to all his cases.  Yep, Follett.  It’ll be like Follett never left.  Will this happen?  Based on my experience of Follett’s underhanded schemes, I’m predicting it.  I like Bob Cochran, but it’s plain to me he cannot work 40+ hours a week of stressful work at his age and with his health.  I’ll be surprised if he lasts a month in office.

By the way, Bob Cochran was also one of the partners in Schafer and Follett’s law firm.

As many are now aware, Judge Follett also acted unlawfully in many cases to manipulate the outcome of Grand Jury investigations.  I’ll be reporting the details in a separate future article.  Our local Crescent City-Del Norte County Taxpayers Association passed a motion to file a formal complaint against Judge Follett to the Commission on Judicial Performance.  If the Commission does their job and the system works at all, Follett will not be hired as a retired judge.


  1. I myself can say Judge Follett is not a fair Judge, Just in case some one tells me I don’t know what I’m talking about I purchased the court reporter’s papers of my case, a small case but nevertheless it meant a lot to me.

  2. This is a perfect reason why their need to be more internal affairs like in bigger counties here. This county “speed trap county” needs to come into the 21st Century if wants to be concidered a jegitimit county government.

  3. I agree with Everything written in this article via first hand experience. The Level of corruption and lack of Justice is terrifying ! We are proactively in process of leaving this isolated berg. “The Machine” is deployed in coercion with the system here , it’s local judges etc.. For those unfamiliar with said moniker , He is the Counties’ go-to-guy for their clean-ups. He is the counties’ Special Operations attorney that is hired for issues such as Bad-Shootings via sheriff’s deputies, Bad Warrants and Raids ,thefts of property and any other illegal indefensible cases whereupon the Victim had only the legal remedy ,but to sue the county. The Machine does their dirty-laundry-clean-up at any cost. “Evil Prevails , When Good Men Stand Aside” Psalms:

  4. Much new information is coming in from the community regarding civil rights violations done by Judge Follett. I’ll be reporting as I learn more.

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