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By Donna Westfall


If you watch Channel 4, you’ll see a listing for Disabled to meet on the third Thursday of the month.  So I called to find out what their group was all about.  I spoke with June Bug.  The meetings have been changed to the third WEDNESDAY of the month and was held Wednesday, August 15th from 5 to 6:30pm.

I met June Bug at the Liquor store located at the corner of 9th and J Streets.  In her wheelchair, she can zip down at 5 mph to the meeting held at the Dragonfly room located on 2nd street.  Once inside the room, Jacob Chilcote with the Dragonfly program introduced himself.  He showed me around the room with designated areas for quilting, jewelry making, drawing and other things that their consumers can make and sell.

About People First Group:  Their motto’s.

People First & Disabilities Second:

People First for Adults 18 and up and its for self avocates (People with any kind of Disabilities).  The self-Advocates runs the meeting and they have an Advisor to assist them (Individual’s without disabilities).

Self-Advocates believe that they have the right to live on their own, and be a part of their community!

They learn:  Being independent and community living Rights and REsponsibilities that goes with it.  Know hot to register to vote.  How to run a meeting and being a leader.  Hae confidence within themselves.  Not to be afraid and speak out about what they want.  Educate the community that they should be treated as equals.  People in the community should look at the abilities instead of disabilities.  Know People First Language and what is available in the Community.

Goals for crescent City Chapter “Peoples First”

To be seen as People First, not just Handicapped People.

To Like Each other.

To Show people that we can do things by ourselves and be successful.

To Always have FUN.

To Run our own meetings and planning things we want to do.

To Learn to speak for ourselves and make decisions.

President, Dorothy Ibarra, called the meeting to order.  Some of the topics discussed with the problems disabled have with transportation in this area.  Fundraising events and whether to enjoy Hellgate excursion trip or Klamath jet boats for fund.

Facilitator, Connie McDonald, passed around a bottle of lemon essential oil.  While we all smelled it, discussion ensued about all the multi-purposes lemon can be used such as in cooking, cleaning, rubbing it on your face, adding it to other oils like peppermint, sandalwood and ylang ylang to diffuse stronger smelling oils and then use as an air freshener or room deodorizer.

June (June Bug) Boorman, told this story about her sore throat.  Heat up a freh lemon, then slice it in half and let it cool. Place each part against your throat and hold in place for an hour. After an hour your sore throat is gone.

I shared this story with the group.  When my son was 18 months old, he had an ear infection.  We were due to leave for Mexico the following week to attend a friends wedding.  I took him to his pediatrician, Dr. Paul Fleiss (his claim to fame was his daughter, Heidi Fleiss, “The Hollywood Madame.”)  Dr. Fleis was a very kind and gentle man.  He was a medical doctor, now retired, that practiced traditional as well as alternative natural methods of healing.  At that time, I didn’t believe in giving my kids vaccinations, drugs or antiobiotics.  So he said, “Did you know that lemon is nature’s antibiotic?”  Nope I didn’t know.  He went on to explain that we could squeeze fresh lemon juice with honey in it and give it to my son three times a day.  In a day or two to we would know if it worked.  If it didn’t, then my son really needed a shot.  I agreed.  It worked!

For further information about future meetings, please call June at 954 7960.






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