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By Angry Old American – September 18, 2022

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“People’s Garden Initiative.” It sounds like something conjured up in the 2020 Seattle “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” Now that the Anarchists are in control of our entire Federal Government, they have the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to do their bidding.

Just in time for a government manufactured worldwide famine, and bankrupting of small farms, the USDA has invented a new People’s Garden Initiative. This is an appropriate program title in the New People’s Republic of America. The name smacks of the Maoist “Great Leap Forward,” and subsequent Great Famine in China that claimed tens of millions of lives.

The superficial description of the USDA’s People’s Garden Initiative seems quite innocent. They will provide a nationwide list of small gardens that will provide food for their families and the public. I will remind the reader that Hitler’s campaign of genocide began with Doctors and Nurses euthanizing the congenitally disabled with syringes, then by “Mercy Buses” pumped full of carbon monoxide, and finally by showers infused with Zyklon B nerve gas at “Relocation Camps” and “Special Treatment Facilities.”

Perhaps the People’s Garden Initiative sounds Hunky-Dory to the average naive television brainwashed Democrat Comrade Neighbor. After all, Joe Biden is the most popular president in the history of the United States! The entire Nation trusts him; after all, he gave his word “as a Biden!” We have to trust him; or we get audited by the IRS and our homes raided by the FBI! Facebook and Google know all, and tell all. Our Silicon Valley snitches have been collecting all of your data for years.

What could possibly go wrong with the USDA’s People’s Garden Initiative? Why wouldn’t we all jump at the chance to be first to sign up?

First of all, the USDA is administering the program. Anybody heard of USDA inspections and grading systems? What will make our garden produce exempt from the same standards applied to Corporate America?

Your garden produce belongs to you? The water that falls from the sky belongs to you? Guess again Comrade Neighbor. Maine was the first State in the Union to recently guarantee its citizens a right to collect and keep water and grow their own food. Several other States have followed this example; but in all others, once rain touches the ground, it belongs to the State. There are also NO GUARANTEES to ownership of crops. All it will take is an Act of Congress or Presidential Decree to strip us all of our rights to collect water and grow food for our own consumption.

Anybody heard of the USDA destroying millions of chickens and turkeys across America because of “Bird Flu?” One positive test for the virus in one bird is all it takes to kill an entire flock with thousands of birds. Corporate run aviaries, feeling the squeeze of skyrocketing feed costs, are quite willing to collect government buyouts of their flocks. You better have your holiday bird in the freezer, because the pickings will be slim come Thanksgiving and Christmas. What is worse are the inhumane methods of killing these birds. Instead of relatively painless carbon dioxide euthanasia, these birds have their ventilation systems shut down and heat turned up. In the name of “Carbon Credits,” the animals endure slow torturous heat stroke. Diseased animals are normally approved for animal feed; but instead of being used in pet food, they are bulldozed into mass graves and covered with lime.

The USDA of the New Improved People’s Republic of America has done much to drive small farmers bankrupt. Seems that us small backyard gardeners will be next to go under.

Ever heard of Bayer/Monsanto’s patented genetically modified seed-stock? How farmers are sued for tens of thousands of dollars due to cross pollination by Bayer/Monsanto’s “Patented Stock” on their adjacent fields. And what of your backyard gardens? Do you know that Bayer/Monsanto bought up most commercial and home seed producers in the past ten years? Who provides your seed; and are they a subsidiary for Bayer/Monsanto?

To control our gardens, they must first identify us. Expect Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and perhaps even the Department of Homeland Security Inspections (DHS) to follow.

If you sell, or even donate your produce to charities or directly to other people, you better bet that the USDA will inspect it “to assure quality and safety.” Breaches of law will be fined, and may even lead to imprisonment. The heavy-handed Food and Drug Administration may be called in. Search the internet for videos to see FDA raids on Amish farms, with guns drawn and assault rifles at the ready. No traditional organic farming methods allowed!

Of course, the EPA will be called in to assure that your farming practices do not include any dangerous greenhouse gasses. No Earth-killing Nitrogen, even though the air we breathe is composed primarily of Nitrogen, and all plant life requires Nitrogen for growth. Carbon Dioxide is no longer acceptable either; so only brand-new and very expensive electric tractors, tillers and equipment will be allowed.

Then we come to the IRS. Somebody’s got to pay for all these government inspections. There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that Biden will assure the Rich will finally pay their fair share. The bad news is YOU ARE RICH!

So, get ready to pony-up and pay-up Comrade Neighbors. The Taxman will assess your garden for its value before it ever goes to market, or you consume it yourself. Every seed will be expected to germinate and grow into a healthy full-sized plant. You don’t pay sales tax at the store? Things change, and expect rules to change as food becomes more scarce. You will certainly share your produce with your fellow Comrades. It is the cornerstone of Communism and Fascism. “To every man according to his need. From every man according to his ability.”

Where does the Department of Homeland Security come into the picture? When the FDA does not exert strong enough tactics, the IRS does not collect their every penny in taxes, the Justice Department will be there to step-in. If you don’t have the money to pay for your homegrown food, then they will confiscate it in the form of produce. This was done in all 20th Century Tyrannies; under Lenin, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and countless other lesser-known figures. Food will flow from the starving peasant farmer, through an army of crooked government bureaucrat parasites, and eventually to the privileged plates of our Commissar Leaders and their Corporate Oligarchs.

Perhaps my Comrade Neighbors might trust the USDA enough to voluntarily sign-up for the People’s Garden Initiative; but I will not. Not that I will avoid being on a list. The level of scrutiny upon us all will exceed the imaginations of Orwell, Huxley, or Kafka. Artificial Intelligence Technology will be our constant companion and overlord. If our digital tyrants at Facebook, Twitter, Google, and purchase records at Amazon, and Walmart were not enough, the old traditional human variety will rip liberty away. If all goes according to the historical model, Comrade Neighbors will get snitch bounties for identifying renegade counter-revolutionary traitors. Mao’s Red Guards were swift to dispense justice to those who grow and “pilfer food” with a bullet to the back of the head; and a bill to the offender’s family for a replacement cartridge.

The most powerful weapon of Tyrants, along with their promise of Utopia, is the illusion that we are somehow superior to those who lived in the past. They stroke our arrogant egos with promises that we are, by virtue of our technology and “Progressive” morality, immune to the old warning “Those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.”

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