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By Donna Westfall – March 11, 2021

How can there be democracy without free and fair elections. A thriving republic will not stand without secure elections. As we’ve seen from Biden’s first seven weeks in office, most of the good works former President Trump put into place have been disassembled; and the march towards Socialism and Communism is getting ever closer.

The House of Hypocrites voted on HR1 – and nothing in the Bill contained the requirement for PHOTO ID.

Let’s look at some of the things that require Photo ID.

  1. To purchase alcohol
  2. To purchase cigarettes
  3. To get married
  4. To open a bank account
  5. To apply for food stamps
  6. To apply for welfare
  7. To apply for Medicaid/Social Security
  8. To apply for unemployment or a job
  9. To rent/buy a house or apply for a mortgage
  10. To apply for a passport
  11. To drive/buy/rent a car
  12. To get on an airplane
  13. To purchase a gun
  14. To adopt a pet
  15. To rent a hotel/motel room
  16. To apply for a hunting license
  17. To apply for a fishing license
  18. To buy a cell phone
  19. To go to a casino
  20. To pick up a prescription
  21. To hold a rally or protest
  22. To donate blood
  23. To buy an “M” rated video game

Can you think of anything else that requires PHOTO ID?

Can you think of one good reason NOT to require PHOTO ID to vote?

  1. I just can’t believe the day has come to America some people don’t believe every American should show a Legal Photo ID to vote.

  2. I may just be a simple cow, but I can think of at least one clear and obvious reason not to require an ID to vote:

    To buy votes in future elections, further padded by the intentional import of illegal immigrants and dropping the legal voting age.

    1. I’m sure, as a cow, you were quite able to saunter up to ANY old polling place in CA and vote as many times as you want and to your heart’s content. Yep, anyones dead cousin and their favorite pigs from the farm surely made Del Norte full of Democrat and RINO leadership. Are you hearing yourself? Soon, the funding for the purchase of your pig’s vote will come from the vast readership of the crescent city times. YES YOU will, someday, buy a vote from, uh, someone, to make sure that you’re being properly oppressed. Sure.. OK.. Have a look.

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