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Opinion By Branden Bieber – July 9, 2023

That’s a bit extreme! But, if you’re concerned about the current standard of living in Del Norte, you might
want to represent yourself (and your family) at the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors BOS meeting
Tuesday, July 11th at 10:00am.

Board of Supervisors: Joey Borges, Valerie Starkey, Darrin Short, Chris Howard & Dean Wilson

The entire Agenda will likely be approved to conform to the States model of a Social Service Sanctuary.
24 items on Agenda, and 17 items convoluted in the Consent Agenda. To view Tuesdays Agenda, go to
Regular Session • Agenda Portal • CivicClerk.

The State model administered through the Consent Agenda consists of:

#3. An agreement with California State Hospital to continue printing and funneling Government Enterprise.

This just allows more time for the County and State to postpone and delay payment.

#4. Wasted resources and approval of a form stating Del Norte’s obvious Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) submitted to another Governments disappointment, Cal Trans.

#6. A resolution honoring one of our communities most influential leaders, Judge Abby Abinanti.

The Board already approved this resolution on June 13, 2023. Hopefully we hear Judge Abinanti’s
comments on the current events, and the standard of living in Del Norte County. Recognizing the
positive impact of Judge Abinanti’s achievements, hopefully the board recognizes their own influence
and begin representing their constituents instead of State bureaucrats.

#7. A renewed agreement with Vista Pacifica located in Los Angeles for $240,000 for residential support services.

#8. A vague agreement with a White City, Oregon Contractor to the endless funding of the Legacy Homeless hotel.

#9. An agreement with Del Norte County and California Department of Social Services for the Resource Family Approval Appeals, Complaints and Psychosocial Assessment Services.

This agreement only starts at $10,000, but it allows the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Director to sign ALL future state agreements without BOS approval. Essentially, a blank check for Social Services.

#10. In actuality, several blank checks. This next agreement is with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) for “Cal Fresh.”

Scandal, corruption, and fraud claims surround this State program.
Again, the Del Norte BOS are voting to approve the director of DHHS to sign ALL future agreements.

#11. An agreement with Del Norte and the CDPH for $1,297,743 to impose immunizations on citizens.

Scary, the State is using the County to subsidize pharmaceuticals! Recent immunization data should give
government a pause on future enforcement of healthcare services.

#12. Driving Under the Influence monitoring for $6,000 a year.

#13. Is an Amendment for resident services for $83,000

And sends more money out of our community because of our inadequate private health care industry.

#14. Is a Redundant Services for a after hour crisis hotline.

The Board of Supervisor’s must not know there is a National Hotline 988, and 911 who conduct this service. I would wager no board member even knows what the hotline phone number is! This agreement is only costing $64,345 taxpayer dollars!

#15. Is an agreement renewal that lapsed over a year ago.

Now, they’ll let the director of DHHS sign all future agreements to refrain from public scrutiny. This agreement is to allow Government to impose Psychiatry for Psychiatric Care Services on its constituents.

#17. An Amendment to the Agreement with Cascade Emergency Medicine, Inc. (Dr. Aaron Stutz) aka Dr. Death

He has weaponized Healthcare, abused the elderly and children of Del Norte, and
proclaimed terrorist threats to imprison citizens if they fail to recognize his ordinance. This person
shouldn’t be hired again, instead he should be locked up for his propaganda and weaponization of
medicine against the public. He’s also fraudulently double billed Siskiyou County.
If you’re busy Tuesday and can’t voice your opinion, I still understand and respect you.

2 thoughts on “Pitchforks and Torches”
  1. WHO cares!?
    Old story, same actions!
    Freedom’s NOT Free!
    BOS is a BOS!
    Taking freedoms!
    Taxing the poor!
    Raising Fee’s!

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