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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – August 25, 2021

Looks like the “Dashboard Of Doom” is living up to its reputation by
reporting several more deaths in the community from the Delta Variant. 
Of course nobody mentions the fact that in Del Norte County you are more
likely to die of just about anything else except Melanoma (skin cancer)
in greater numbers over the course of most years than from Covid.  About
300 people die nearly every year in this County, so as tragic as it
might be, eighteen deaths from Covid in nineteen months is a relatively
small price to pay considering most other places in California did not
fare as well.

Has anyone noticed that originally we were to volunteer to get
vaccinated in order to be “safe”.  When the vaccination rate began to
lag, suddenly the “new” motivation for being vaccinated shifted from
volunteering to bribing with gift cards, lotteries, and other
inducements.  Now, after a series of broken promises that after you “got
vaccinated, you would be able to return to normal life” and that didn’t
occur, the latest is to demote you to second class citizenship unless
you actually got vaccinated, even though it hasn’t really helped getting
anyone “back to a normal life”.  The next step has been rather
predictable with the FDA’s sham vetting of the Pfizer vaccine, don’t
worry Moderna and Johnson&Johnson’s soon to follow, with forced
vaccination soon to follow.  Looking a lot like New South Wales or New
Zealand recently.

With Democrat operatives harvesting recall ballots for the impending
Newsom test on September 14th, don’t be surprised if another “late night
miracle” happens when the ballots are counted.  That way the new
mandates can be put in place for the coming school year with very little
time delay.  Another year of masks and social distancing, forced
vaccination or weekly testing for those that refuse at the best, school
closures in California and back to “on line learning” at worst.  After
all there are seven reported cases in the school district, two students
and five faculty before school has officially even started.

The good news is that Del Norte County has been relatively spared the
worst of the virus up until recently, with new highs at the Dashboard of
Doom.   Yet as we speak, it appears that the numbers are starting to
decline much like last summer in a typical three to five week cycle
displayed with most virus surges.   Just in time for fall and the
beginning of the typical virus season from late October to the following
May.  In addition, those fearful should be reminded that nearly half the
County has had at least one jab and 2635 residents have natural immunity
from having been confirmed positive for Covid-19.  If the County Public
Health Department can scare a few more people into being experimental
lab rats 70% protected is well within reach.  Only 10% or so to go. If
not, maybe compulsory vaccination is on the horizon. Australia, New
Zealand here we come after all, one new case cannot be tolerated, it may
be asymptomatic.

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