Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
Please SUPPORT SCA-4! Now is the time to voice your support for SCA-4, a “Proposition 19 Bill Amendment” that would reinstate the Proposition 58 protections on the transfer of homes to child heirs effective Jan. 1, 2025.  
Please see the link to the full text and summary at the bottom of this email. 
GOOD NEWS: We may be able to avoid petitions again if we can get our state legislators to pass the bill in the state legislature!!
Please respond now, before the public comment deadlines: 

1. CALL before Wednesday (please, if you can only do one thing – do this!
2. EMAIL LETTERS by 12 NOON, Tuesday, May 9th
3. PARTICIPATE on the DAY of HEARING – Wednesday, May 10, 9:30 a.m. (expected to be about 1-2 hours) Please plan to attend either by:
By calling into a hearing to speak or showing up in person in Sacramento

Let’s Get the Governance and Finance Committee to APPROVE THIS BILL  
1. CALL between 9 am and 5 pm CALL THIS NUMBER(916) 651-4119 – MAIN # for the Governance & Finance Committee (G&F) Say “I SUPPORT SCA-4,” and provide your NAME and ZIP CODE
You can add names of family members to be counted in the total
CALL EACH of these Governance and Finance Committee Members who will be voting on this on May 10 to let them know you “Support SCA-4.”
(916) 651-4014 – Senator Anna Caballero – Chair
(916) 651-4038 – Senator Catherine Blaespear
(916) 651-4001 – Senator Brian Dahle
(916) 651-4026 – Senator Maria Elena Durazo
(916) 651-4007 – Senator Steven M. Glazer
(916) 651- 4009 – Senator Nancy Skinner
(916) 651-4011 – Senator Scott D. WienerPrimary Sponsor of Bill  – Senator Kelly and Seyarto – Vice Chair (already in support, so no call needed) 
2. SEND LETTERS via their online portal LINK: link will require you to create a one-time username and password so you can upload your letterclick on the “registration” link you will be prompted to enter your name, address, email, phone and a security question and email will be sent to your email to complete your registration; follow the email directions this will take you to the “Position Letter Portal” – here, you will enter:
Measure: SCA 4Session Type: Regularclick the “Search” button; this will pull up the bill and say, “property taxation: principal residence and family home transfers” (if you see this, you are good)select a Committee: Governance and Finance Select your stance: SupportEnter your Stance: you may type right here into the box, oryou may upload a letter instead; check the boxthen upload your letter; the”choose file” button will allow you to add a letter from your computer.YOUR LETTER should minimally include the following:“I SUPPORT SCA-4” and provide your NAME and ZIP CODE;  any personal stories of how this proposition impacted you or people you know3. CALL your STATE SENATOR and ask them “to put their name on the bill”Here is the link to find your State Senators: this URL into your browserCLICK ON YOUR SENATOR’S NAME (this will take you to their website)note: this link will also give you your Assembly person, but this is not needed at this timescroll down to the bottom of the Home page for their phone numberCALL with your SUPPORT of SCA-44. ATTEND on the DAY of the HEARING, Wednesday, May 10, at 9:30 am (the hearing starts promptly at 9:30; arrive early; meeting length approx. 1 -2 hours) either by:TELECONFERENCE LINK – FOR MAY 10 – TO CALL INTO the hearing: (directions in this link)Use the “public comment” phone number listed (Note: as of this emailing, this call-in phone number is not yet listed)Welcome to the Senate Governance and Finance Committee | Senate Governance and Finance CommitteeIn person on MAY 10 at 9:30 amAddress: 1021 “O” Street, Room 1200, Sacramento, CA 95814 Link to map.If you attend in person, please allow plenty of time to park and be present at the beginning of the meeting, as it is disruptive to walk in once the meeting has started.  
BILL TEXT and brief summary:

Bill SCA-4 will undo the bad part of Prop. 19 that went into effect in Feb. 2021. This bill must pass in this Governance and Finance Committee on May 10th before moving forward.  
Here is a link to SCA-4 full text:

California SCA4 | 2023-2024 | Regular Session

Here is an excerpt from the bill:
 “….This measure would end the operation of the above-described provisions of Proposition 19 on January 1, 2025. The measure would reinstate, on January 1, 2025, the prior rule excluding from classification as a “purchase” or “change in ownership” the purchase or transfer of a principal residence, and the first $1,000,000 of other real property, in the case of a purchase or transfer between parents and their children, or between grandparents and their grandchildren if all the parents of those grandchildren are deceased.”


If the G&F committee passes this bill with a majority vote on May 10th, then we are on to the next step – WE CAN DO THIS!! (take action now – it’s much easier than getting signatures on petitions)
Please send this email to as many of your friends and family as you can!! THANK YOU!

Much appreciated,

Jeff Faller, President
Apartment Owners Association of California, Inc.

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