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As a dental hygienist who practiced before the dental and medical industries wore gloves or masks, I quickly became exposed to flourides and heavy metals.  Stannous, acidulated phosphates and sodium fluorides caused me to acquire such toxic levels I was ill all the time.  I hated having to do sealants and would experience my left eye pulling over the other from the fumes.  I started having seizures at night, developed ADD and ADHD symptomS as an adult, had stomach pains, heavy cleat thick sinus drainage, developed all kinds of fibrotic tissue issues, and my thyroid began failing.

The endocrinologist I saw told me flourides were not the cause of any of this and I believed him.  Things got worse as the list of maladies increased.  I soon discovered I could not brush my teeth with toothpaste or take a bath or use a pool or hot tub or even eat chocolate (a bromide) or drink tea or eat jello.  I also was treated with 17 rounds of antibiotics, all containing flourides for a chronic sinus infection which was, I now know, flouride rhinitis.  Medication for yeast overgrowth was also prescribed.  These also contained flourides.
I was poisoned into full stage Alzheimer’s dementia.  I became less and less able to function as my cognitive and physical abilities became impaired.  It was a living hell because I was acutely aware of my diminishing capabilities, and was aware of these loses.  It felt as if big pieces of me were tearing off and disappearing into space somewhere.  This awareness was so very frustrating.  I felt helpless.  I kept a journal for as long as I could to record my observations of all this happening to me.  I instinctively knew there had to be a causative factor for this whole conundrum of maladies and the most weird symptoms which plagued me.
It was in a hand surgeon’s office where I was seeking answers as to why I had no feeling in not only my hands but all the way up to my shoulders.  No feeling and yet lots of pain…go figure.
I picked up a doctor’s dental journal and stopped in my tracts when a story header read, “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Is Directly Related To Flouride Exposure”.  EUREKA!
Within 15 minutes of googling, I discovered a whole world of people with answers to my dilemma.But how to detox from this? Help in doing so was the next part of my journey to regain my life and take back my abilities.  It has been a 41year search.  Flouride exposures robbed me of so much.
For what?
Actually, that is not entirely true, since it is not only detoxification on a cellular level but the healing of many illnesses and conditions I am speaking about.  Anything your cells can heal gets healed!  
It is not medicine nor is it a cure for any medical condition.  What it is is a source supplement for Redox Signaling Molecules.  
Please know I am sharing something now with you which is very, very important to many.  I asked GOD to heal my life in every way and my prayer was answered.  My recent discovery of a way to not only detox from flourides, but of heavy metals also, had been nothing short of miraculous.  In addition to this, my whole body is healing itself on a cell to cell basis.  I almost feel as if I suffered all I have for all these many years, so I now can bring this to other’s attention. I am most secure in knowing this is a monumental discovery which can bring healing to not only those who suffer from not just flourides, but any toxic exposure!

Once there was a point where I had to hold my hand out with coins in it for people to make change for me…I could no longer remember what nickels, dimes and quarters were worth.  I am back, and OH BOY do I have a story to tell.  I think telling what had happened to me, could cause a huge boost in awareness in flourides extreme harmfulness.  How does one go about finding a co-writer or ghost writer?  

I’m ready to write my story so other suffers can regain their health.



This is one of the more dramatic fluoride poisoning stories I’ve heard.  I spoke with Maureen “Mo” Green and she has indeed regained her life and health.  She is very approachable and has offered to communicate with anyone else needing help.  Can you help her in her search for a writer?  Her story needs to be told in great detail.

8 thoughts on “Poisoned By Fluoride”
  1. The U.S. is killing veterans of its imperial wars with fluoride.
    Veterans like me.
    Most of the drugs the VA gives us contain fluoride. They give us some pain killers and benzos and sleeping pills so we stay quiet about the pain. Once we’re dependent on them, they cut those drugs off to force a withdrawal event and more stress. We either kill ourselves or we beg our abusers for mercy. They oblige us by putting us in concentration camps and coercing us to take more fluoride.

    It’s not an accident.
    We are slaves. “Play along, get along” really just means we only matter so long as we participate in interstate commerce. Buy what they sell; Allow the State to confiscate the product of our labor to pay off the interest on government debt; smile and pretend everything’s fine. Go be the bayonet end of U.S. foreign policy and then get murdered slowly and painfully. That’s what “thank you for your service” means to me.

    Fluoride is making us dumber and killing us all. Some, faster than others.

    I get relief taking beta-caraphyllene terpenes for the inflammation, a barrage of anti-oxidants, organic and non-GMO foods (imported, when possible), shunning processed foods, and detoxing. Oh yeah: Iodine. Gotta get iodine back in the thyroid. That’s the first place many say fluoride toxicity is evident.

    I detox with boron, diatomaceous earth, apple cider vinegar, and bentonite clay. I do this daily to offset the fluoride in my bathing water and other sources.

    Weed helps, too.

    Helpful supplements for me include: Iodine, korean ginseng (feeds the pituitary which directs production of cortisol, our natural stress coping hormone), licorice root, Ashwaganda root extract with black pepper, Turmeric curcumin, others.

    Goes without saying, of course, that avoidance is the best practice. 5-stage RO filters can remove up to 90+ % of fluoride (and other toxins) from water. Fluoride-free toothepaste. Never taking another firetrucking pill that isn’t aspirin. A little borax in the bathtub helps to neutralize some of the fluoride in the water, but too much will irritate the skin.

  2. This is Maureen T. Green again and it is now April 22, 2018–years since I first wrote the original posting. I have indeed been taking an all natural supplement which turns on cell communication upon contact. The healing has been nothing less then amazing. My brother calls it a miracle. I know it as an answered prayer.

    With this stabilized-outside-of-the- body cell communicator, in the 47 months of use, I have had an unbelievable return of my wellness, wherewithall, memory, cognitive, communicative and learning abilities. Where once I had a severe lack of attention and focusing abilities, I now have singular focus. With this return, so has my organizational skills and the ability to stick with a taste to bring it to fruition. I am ready now to find the someone or someones to help me bring the books I have written in my head during the decades I was an intelligent being trapped within without effective communicative abilities.

    Because I am 68 years old, and was functionally impaired for so long from the mirade of dental toxic heavy and light metals and fluorides, I only too recently have entered the digital/technical avenues of communicating and journalism. I have no doubt I could learn to design, program, and achieve mastering it in order to set up blogs, websites, e- books or write these books–I am afraid I am running out of time to do so. I must find someone who will collaborate with me to get my story out there to help others.

    What good would all I have learned (the very hard way-by suffering), do if I cannot use it to help other toxics or share knowledge to help prevent others from experiencing the preventable, harmful results of this health scourge?
    Once again I am pleading for help with a ghost or co-writer, a tech savvy guru or someone in publishing who see’s the timeliness and value in helping, informing and inspiring others.

    I am also putting it out there in this forum that I am looking for research doctors and their institutions to donate my toxic sodden body for study.

  3. Hello Maureen,
    I have been involved in the field of dental hygiene
    for 34 years and am so proud of you telling your story.
    Water fluoridation is one of several criminal acts that have gone on since the 1940s in the US against so many innocent people of all ages and health levels. It needs to stop – clean water and the air we breathe are a basic fundamental right for all humans, animals, plants.
    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientists, after studying all the evidence, concluded that the public water supply should not be used “as a vehicle for disseminating this toxic and prophylactically useless chemical.
    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that fluoride is not a mineral nutrient; it is a prescription drug. Every prescription drug has side-effects, including fluoride. Fluoridation has never received FDA approval and does not meet the legal requirements of safety and effectiveness necessary for such approval. Once this drug is put in the water there is no control over individual dose.
    What is being put into the water is not stannous, acidulated phosphates or sodium fluoride, OH NO….
    it is (HFSA) hydrofluorisilic acid – the toxic waste from the smoke stacks of the fertilizer industry.
    By law, the company is not allowed to bury this waste, dump it in the river or ocean or allow it into the air. Laws controlling the disposal of toxic wastes do not permit the industries creating these fluorides to release them into the environment. However, the “laundering” process of fluoridation allows these same toxins to be spread indiscriminately on lawns and gardens, incorporated into processed foods, and released by the ton into water and air, in sewer effluent and sludge. In other words, their solution to pollution is dilution in the environment and our drinking water.
    Best wishes to you with your health and getting the message out to all who are willing to listen.

  4. Due to worldwide readership, Maureen Green received a recommendation for a ghost writer within 24 hours of publishing this article. This referral came out of the United Kingdom. We thank those worldwide readers.

  5. I cant help with the writing but i can wish you all the luck in the world…Fluoride belongs in the middle ages not in modern day society,it’s sad to say though it’s our own ignorance that has deceived us…Fluoride is not needed there is no such thing as a fluoride deficiency in humans,yet it’s poured into our drinking water and we are told it’s safe, but wouldn’t that depend on who you ask…Research, people need to research what they are putting into there bodies instead of believing what nanny government tells you, wasn’t smoking and asbestos supposed to be safe even the doctors smoked and some even endorsed the product, crazy…Thank you for sharing some of your story Mo and i cant wait to read it in full…All the best

    1. Amazing…as I continue to regain my wit and wherewithal, I came across this piece I wrote to F.A.N picked up by Crescent City Times. I found your reply just now.

      I thank you for your kind words and encouragement.
      I have just had a breakthrough in that I have at last a diagnosis…it is my own because I know no one with experience with knowledge in dealing with my degree and level of toxicity. By everything I can find and what I know from fist hand personal experience, I have Flouritoxic Metabolic Bone Disease with Osteo Renal Syndrome…FMBD w/OR syndrome.

    2. Ryan Cannard, you are very sooo patient to have waited this long for the next installment to the continued healing saga of this fluoride cell soddened soul. I have continued my GOD guided journey of recovery of my being. What I have learned is nothing short of hair raising.

      From once being near toxically dissolved as a functional being, I now have a clear purpose and dedicated drive to to help others know how to prevent and mitigate the damage done by fluoride and toxins.

      Please forgive my errors, it is toxin brain damage and the partial blindness in left eye from a fluoride caused eye stroke. I do the best I can and count myself dang lucky for all the blessing which are mine.
      Btw, I still, more then ever am looking for a ghost or co-writer.

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