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Opinion and Commentary By Branden Bieber – January 31, 2024

In a scripted announcement in Humbolt Bay Harbor on Tuesday January 23rd , Congressman Huffman
unveiled his liberal promotion of handicapping local fishing industries, and reckless government
spending. Amongst some of Government’s top salary earners Congressman Huffman announced a
Federal grant of $426,719,810 for it’s proposed Heavy Lift Marine Terminal Project to impose unproven
marine wind technology off our Coast.

Just as Cal Poly Humbolt and State officials lacked the foresight for student housing, Congressman
Huffman’s proposal fails to address the fact there is not a working Wind Turbine Prototype in the depth
of Water proposed in the Humbolt Offshore Marin Lease project working in the World. And, just as
State and Federal political endorsement of Electric Vehicle policy fails to address EV recharging
infrastructure (and industry incapabilities) limits capitalism (free enterprise) and encourages inflation.
And, just as the State stalls it’s conclusion of the High-Speed Rail project, Wind Turbines off Humbolt/
Del Norte Coast will undoubtedly be over budget (and possible never be completed.)

Congressman Huffman’s announcement will perpetuate California’s inflation crisis, and maintain the
discrepancy between real-estate prices and residents net income. The middle-class family is being priced
out of California, while the rich get richer and the poor get medicated.

We need accountability reestablished in our elected officials. Both financially and ethically. If the real-
estate bubble doesn’t POP, homelessness will continue to increase, and our community’s public health
will be at risk.

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