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The topics discussed in this article are admittedly revolting and in extremely bad taste. However, it would be a travesty to sugar-coat or down-play the naive and disgustingly horrific decisions made by California voters in the 2022 mid-term elections.

California Proposition 1, for the “Right to Reproductive Freedom,” was approved by voters in the November election of 2022, with 51% of Del Norte voters supporting it. This bill will place 13 new Abortion Rights Legislation, signed into Law by Governor Newsom in September of 2022, into the California Constitution. How will the passage of Prop 1 impact abortion rights and other laws in California?

Considering the application of California’s other radical Marxist bills in the past, the new “Reproductive Rights” legislation will be interpreted as “Liberally” as possible. Previous Bills aimed at Justice Reform, such as No Cash Bail and Non-Prosecution of property crimes under $950, have led to near total anarchy in most of California’s cities. Previous Prison Reform legislation has resulted in murderers, rapists and child molesters being dumped on our streets, and male inmates being housed in women’s prisons leading to numerous rapes and pregnancies. Along with the passage of Proposition 1 during the 2022 midterm election, a long list of radical “Justice Reform” Superior Court Justices selected by Governors Brown and Newsom were confirmed by voters; including approval in Del Norte County! Will these 13 new laws be applied with typical extreme California draconian absurdity?

Women in California had the right to taxpayer provided abortion before these new Bills were passed. California allows an abortion until a subjective ruling by a physician that “There is a reasonable likelihood of the fetus’ sustained survival outside the uterus without the application of extraordinary medical measures” OR if the “termination”  is necessary in order to “Protect the life or health of the woman.” A fetus is commonly considered to be viable at 24 weeks into the 37-42 week birth cycle.

Governor Newsom’s goal has been “To make California an Abortion Hub.” This new legislation will expand these provisions for free California taxpayer paid abortions to women coming from other States.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual “Reproductive Health” Bills signed into law on September 27th of 2022, and which Proposition 1 will add to the California Constitution.

SB-1124 Requires State to create and maintain a publicly funded Abortion Services Website “” This website is now accompanied with California funded billboards in seven other states promoting California’s commitment to providing free abortions to anybody from anywhere.

SB-1245 Was a Southern California Pork-barrel Bill that provides $20 million for the Los Angeles County Safe Haven Pilot Program. Los Angeles County deserves an extra $20 million because they did such a great job failing in previous “pilot programs” to serve their 75,000-150,000 homeless.

AB-2205 Enforces transparency from health plans regarding abortion premiums from participants in “Covered California.” If California is to become the Abortion Hub of the United States, insurance companies must be required to pony-up for their share of the costs.

SB-245 Eliminates out-of-pocket costs for abortions. It provides $300 for pharmaceutical abortion and $900 for procedural abortions.

AB-1666 Created criminal and civil liability protections for California medical providers related to patients traveling from areas where abortions are banned.

SB-1375 Allows Nurse Practitioners to perform trimester abortions (first trimester is weeks 1 through 12) without supervision of a physician. Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses who obtain a Master’s Degree in Nursing Science.

Now for the wake-up call. AB-2223 Prohibits coroner’s inquests after fetus and newborn deaths. This includes actions or omissions of those involved leading to “miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death.” Perinatal is five months before birth, and the first month after. This will eventually end investigation of newborn deaths in California. AB-2223 allows a mother to sue any legal authority that charges her for injuring or killing her child. The Bill also protects third parties assisting the Mother in injuring or killing her child. Can you see where this is going?

AB-1242 Prohibits California Law Enforcement from cooperating in out-of-state investigations into all abortion or infant death related investigations. So, even if local law enforcement knows anything about a potential abortion or murder of an infant, they are prohibited from sharing that information with other agencies. This Bill also prevents out-of-state law enforcement from subpoenaing evidence from any company operating in California, including cell phone towers operated by out-of-state corporations. Potentially, this Bill might lead to California authorities and companies aiding and abetting child murderers by preventing the collection of evidence by out-of-state law enforcement.

AB-2091 Prohibits health care providers from releasing abortion related information in response to out-of-state law enforcement requests or subpoenas. Potentially, If an out-of-state minor has consensual sex with a teacher or coach from an out-of-state school, and aborts the resulting fetus or infant in California; neither the exploited child’s parent or law enforcement will be informed. If one of many Cartel sex-trafficked children from the Southern Border becomes pregnant, their pimps and pedophile ring handlers can simply bring them to California for a free solution courtesy of California tax-payers. 

Supporters of California’s Proposition 1 cited cases of Medical Doctors found guilty of murder for killing infants under 23 days of age. Most often, the murders were touted to mass media as medical “Euthanasia,” performed  by sympathetic physicians as merciful acts on severely deformed children.

Canada is our neighbor to the North and is a spearhead of North American liberal reforms. In Canada, such acts of “mercy” have already existed since 2016 as “Medical Assisted Suicide” for all adults; and will expand to include the mentally-ill in March of 2023.  A Disabled Canadian Army Veteran seeking medical attention for neuropathy pain was offered medical assisted suicide in lieu of expensive neurological medical treatment. Her medical treatment was denied by her government’s socialist medical system. In modern Socialist Canada, it is cheaper to kill than treat. Though she very-much wanted to live, the veteran was “assisted” to death! Recently Medical Assisted Suicide has been extended in Canada to children, without the approval or knowledge of parents, for afflictions as simple as depression. A Canadian youth was “assisted” to the grave for depression because he could not find a girlfriend.

Will there come a time when infants are killed by doctors in order to save money? This idea of financially inspired institutional mass-infanticide is not a far-fetched proposition. History is rife with such acts of barbarity. Take the Nazi atrocities of the 1930s and 1940s for example. The first acts of mass-murder and genocide in Nazi Germany were surreptitiously conducted by Doctors and Nurses of the German Red Cross in wards of mental hospitals. At first, high-maintenance patents received lethal injections of opiates. Later, as the numbers increased, airtight carbon monoxide chambers were constructed in the hospitals. By that time, Nazi SS Chemists were experimenting with Zyklon B nerve gas, and “Special Treatment” facilities were constructed away from prying eyes of the public. Those deemed to be “Physically Deformed or Mentally Defective” were the first targets for elimination. Many were loaded for transport to “Special Treatment Centers” onto special marked “Mercy Buses;” equipped with airtight passenger compartments, blacked-out windows, and pumped full of carbon monoxide exhaust. Then came the inclusion of criminals, homosexuals, and political opponents to the extermination lists. Ultimately this led to the “Final Solution” genocide for the Jewish population.

Are there political or racial populations that our own government and media has held in contempt or expressed the will to exterminate?

As mentioned above, these new California abortion legislation are not strictly limited to medical doctors. Mainstream media has pointed sympathetically at instances when drug addicted women been prosecuted for contributing to stillbirth of their child. However, the new legislation opens up legal immunity for other forms of infant deaths. Mothers, driven to madness by postpartum depression or regret, may choose infanticide in lieu of adoption. Highly publicized cases of infants abandoned in trashcans or alleys were common in the past; this might well expand into a new inexpensive do-it-yourself abortion alternatives. A mother could buy a cheap chef’s knife at any Walmart, a hammer at Home Depot, or for the budget conscious, they could simply strangle their infant with bare hands. In California, infanticide will seemingly be met with no arrest, investigation, incarceration or prosecution. This new innovative procedure of post-birth “Abortion” will open a Pandora’s box of procedural nuances and industrial exploitation never envisioned by the modern proud blue-haired liberal fanatics that promoted the legislation.

Some mothers belonging to blood-sacrifice religious cults will certainly be ceremoniously impregnated specifically to produce a sacrificial victim. Religious practice of child sacrifice on an institutional scale dates back to the worship of the Canaanite god Moloch by Phoenicians and Ancient Carthage. Evidence has been found of older and more widespread practices of child sacrifice to Baal as far back Ancient Babylonia and Sumeria. Today, such child sacrifice rites are epidemic in Uganda, where children are either kidnapped or sacrificed by parents with the aid of local witchdoctors. In the West, child sacrifice is highly illegal and secretive; but believed by many to be practiced by Generational Satanists and those loyal to the “Old Religions.”

A huge number of children are being trafficked across our Southern Border each year by criminal Cartels. These unfortunate victims are destined for sexual exploitation in domestic pedophile networks; or to be parted-out for medical organ transplants. Our government is complicit in this cross-border trafficking, domestic transportation and distribution of child victims; and the practice is covered-up by mainstream media. These normalized practices are either ignored by the public as “conspiracy theory;” or outright accepted by the bulk of morally depraved Americans. It is not extreme to expect blood-sacrificial Religious Cults to obtain additional ritual victims from among this large pool of commercially available children.

We can also ultimately expect the practice of infanticide to be exploited by a variety of Commercial Industries. In the not too distant past, Stem-Cells recovered from aborted fetuses were used both in research medicine and cosmetic treatments. Foreskins harvested from circumcised infants were also used in “Youth Sustaining” and “Age Reversing” cosmetic compounds. Expensive blood-transfusion “Clinics,” catering to rich clients have offered “Young Blood,” with the youngest blood commanding premium fees. Will there be a market for the remains of newborn infants? Already, bankrupt and desperate adults sell their kidneys on the black market for transplant into dying clients. For the right price, would a desperate cash-strapped drug-addicted women with unwanted pregnancies come to term and birth on a ritual altar? Will there be a black market for newborns?  

We exist in a morally bereft society, with bazaar and perverted practices resembling Ancient Rome’s prior to its collapse. Considering the depravity amongst our masses, the acceptance of infanticide may lead to more extreme industries catering to “Reproductive Rights Pride.” Sacrificial knives and hammers might soon come available on the internet, pre-engraved with the name of the infant, complete with presentation grade trophy display cases. Infants might even be stuffed by taxidermists, or their skin flayed, cured, and made into gloves, lampshades and upholstery coverings. All of these insane and macabre practices have been used by deviant cultures in the not so distant past!

Proposition 1 is America’s first step into a barbarous future. As history has proven time-and-time again, those who abandon traditional morality and ethics are capable of the most horrific forms of depravity and cruelty. We are no exception! 

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