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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – October 16, 2019

When I was growing up, politics was not even on my radar.  I first noticed it when then vice president Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon ran against John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  The initial concern espoused by many was that Kennedy was a Catholic and he would be going to the Pope for advice and instruction.  As I was a practicing Catholic at that time and unaware of the tainted history of religion in general, I didn’t understand the emotional response.

Nowadays, everything seems tied to politics.  The academia indoctrination of leftist philosophy was quite apparent in the People’s Republic of Davis after the election of Donald Trump.  Only naïve collegiate students would need a “safe space” from an outsider whose goal was “to drain the swamp”.  Why anyone would support the status quo thieves, liars, and new age aristocrats is beyond reason.

We have long heard that moneyed elitists, such as Google, Soros, and Hollyweird liberals, have been plotting to bring Trump down.  Just as with all who have insight, the conspiracy theory was reality based on observation.  That is until now.

Project Veritas has exposed the truth via a liberal employee who knows right from wrong.  Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, was caught on audio confirming the liberal bias and outright hatred toward Trump and proving the coup attempt is real.  There are hours of tape so don’t tell me it was a simple slip.  Fake news is much more than that.  It is fraudulent news.

Enough of the national corruption, let’s move on to the State of California and our whacko governor, Nancy Pelosi’s nephew who thinks he can be president, Gavin “Greasy Hair” Newsom.  Last week I questioned the high price of gas in California.  Much of the price is the tax lie of “we will use it to fix the roads.”

As it turns out, and thank you all of you idiot dupes in this State for rejecting the gas tax repeal, Newsom took it upon himself to raid this gas tax revenue for other projects much as Brown did.  So much for a lockbox or governmental promises.  What is that saying, “just ask an Indian if you think the government should be trusted”?

I was wondering what Newsom had done to earn him a recall effort.  This is enough all on its own.  I am sure proceeding with his liberal agenda gives numerous other validating reasons.  Litigation to stop the governor’s action is appropriate for invalidating the tax on its face but breaking the law, as this is my view, should be more than enough reason for his ouster.

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  1. I attended a Republican Dinner last week and Almost everyone in attendance signed the Petition to Recall Newsom. He and Auntie Nancy are both disgusting Politicians and need to go!

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