Mon. Jun 24th, 2024


The biggest surprise is that less than 42% of the registered voters got out and voted in Del Norte County. While walking and driving around town it certainly appeared that people were getting out to vote.


Locally, our new DA will be Dale Trigg.

There will be a run-off in November for Sheriff/Coroner between Dean Wilson and Erik Apperson; and for Judge between Chris Doehle and Darren McElfresh.

Measure A; State of Jefferson defeated.

Statewide: As of 3:08 this morning, Ballot Measures 41 Veterans Housing and Homeless Bond Act 2014, and 42 Public Records. Open Meetings. Reimbursement both look to have passed with over 60% of the vote. Counties have 28 days to count all absentee/mail in ballots and provisional ballots AND:

Governor:  Jerry Brown clearly leading the pack

Lt. Gov:     Gavin Newson with 49.9% of the vote may be in a run-off against Ron Nehring

Secretary of State:     Alex Padilla in a run-off against Pete Peterson

Controller:  The closest race by far.  Ashley Swearengin leading with less than 25% of the vote. Followed by 3 others with less than 22% of the vote. Qualifies by the Secretary of State as a “close contest.”  There is less than a 2% difference between the  2nd and 3rd place candidates.

Treasurer:     John Chiang in the lead

Attorney General:    Kamala Harris clearly in the lead

Insurance Commissioner:  Dave Jones

Superintendent of Public Education:  Tom Torlakson with less than 49% of the vote

State Assembly District 2:  Jim Wood in a run-off against Matt Heath

Board of Equalization:  Fiona Ma with 68.5%

U S House of Representatives District 2:  Jared Huffman





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