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We the People, we’re the government. Or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. We the People vote for other people to represent our best interests in the day to day operations of our City, or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. Educated and ethical, knowledgeable about the world and current events, compassionate, resourceful, broad thinkers who can look at the Big Picture are what we hope for when we send a representative to hold office, any office, in charge of making decisions for the masses. But what we actually get is vastly different. Take our current city council for example.

The water rate increase debacle we have all just lived through is a shining example of a disconnected and out of touch city council. In an ideal world with representatives that hold the qualities mentioned above, this water rate increase would never have happened. If we had broad thinkers who could relate the current state of our National politics to our small community, they would have known that the hardship the majority suffer precludes their ability to absorb another assault in their already- fragile living conditions. Instead we get myopic bubble-dwellers who can’t think past their noses, relying on the same old protocol that won’t work in our current situation. And they defend their wrong thinking with a vengeance, maligning anyone who tries to point out the error of their ways.

Is this what we bargained for? I certainly hope not. We always go into elections with the hope that the candidate we root for will be The One to actually represent our needs as a community and as individuals. But that’s rarely what happens. Instead we get the same old faces with the same old mentality doing the same old job the same old way. Which, if you haven’t noticed, is not working for us or our community and it never will. Entrenched in the Club, doing favors for friends, not listening to the entire community when they speak, and taking the easy way out is the pattern, almost the tradition, of our Crescent City politics.

People, we need to get proactive. There are too many in this community that have given up, or feel too disconnected from the political machine, or hopeless that they can make a difference. If we are to have a community that functions for ALL, then ALL need to get involved. The power is truly in our numbers. You’ve heard the old saying, “throw the bums out,” well, when our elected body fails to do its job for The People, it needs to be restructured. New blood, better thinkers, more Connected to The People types need to replace those who only care for Some of the People. Our current City Council is the latter.  Kathryn Murray exemplified that in her statement that if you can’t afford the water rate increase you should move. She only recognizes Some of the People as being valid and worthy citizens of Crescent City. The rest of us should go somewhere else and be someone else’s problem. After all, it’s easier for her to do her job when she doesn’t have to think outside the box and provide solutions to benefit the entire community and not just the worthy ones.

The majority of our population here is disenfranchised. We are not represented by our elected body. When we speak of our issues we may as well be screaming into the wind: no one is listening. We are ignored as if we are an abstract instead of a reality. The food stamps cuts that just passed, the stimulus spending that’s about to expire, the sequester cuts that will hit even harder in 2014 are just a few examples of that reality; a reality that’s being completely ignored by our city council. We are not exempt from these conditions. In fact, we are probably hit even harder because the poverty level in our community is so high and our resources are so low. Is anyone of our city council members aware of the current problems facing the low income people, of which there are many, in this county, in this community? If not, then they need to spend some time reading about the state affairs in the world. And if so, then raising the water rate was a cruel and heartless act, a thoughtless and lazy solution to a problem of their own making.

So if you’re one of those who think our city council is doing a good job, then you aren’t paying attention. Think about what just happened. In a city with over half the population living in poverty, they decided it would be wise to raise our water rates by 150%. When vast numbers of citizens protested the rate increase, a message to the council beyond legal requirements and law, they simply ignored the outcry and went forward with their flawed solution. Ignored the pleas of thousands. They were being told by THOUSANDS of people they were elected to represent that this rate increase would be harmful, if not impossible to manage for the MAJORITY, and they basically turned a deaf ear and said “move if you don’t like it.” They’re bad representatives if they don’t listen to the People. And, they’re bad managers of our resources.

The sewer, the pain in everyone’s behind because of the large increase in the rates for something we simply couldn’t afford, is in debt. They’re running a deficit despite telling us that doubling our rates in 2007 would solve our problems with wastewater discharge and provide us with a modernized treatment plant that would serve us for decades. They bungled that one so badly we are now looking at a deficit in the millions. What’s to say this water rate increase will be managed any better? It’s the same old Club, doing the same old job in the same old way running the water department as well as they did the wastewater treatment plant. And what’s to happen when they bungle it so badly they need even more money? Since they are in the process of a rate study for the wastewater treatment plant as I write, how will they manage that deficit without doing what they always do, their answer to every question, asking for another rate increase?

These rate issues are just one example of faulty representation. What else is going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about? We do know they lied and cheated to win the prop 218 protest. Many valid protests were disqualified because they think they can get away with it. And maybe they can, but it just goes to show what level they will stoop to carry on the tradition of not serving the people they were elected to represent. The City of Crescent City deserves better. If this rate increase goes to a special election, I hope the people turn out in droves to vote their voice on the matter. We need, as a community, to speak loudly with our votes and tell the City what WE want and not settle for what they allow us under our current elective body. Then maybe we should think about shorter terms. Two years is long enough to have an ineffective representative doing his or her best maintain a status quo that isn’t working.



  1. Is this an opportunity for proactive action?
    In the Triplicate, 12-5-13, Public Notice for a Public Hearing on December 16, 2013 at 6:00pm at the Flynn Center.
    “The purpose of ths hearing is to review and approve the final product that was produced from the City of Crescent City
    11-PTEC-7618 CDBG Agreement with the State of California and to solicit citizen input reguarding the outcome and accomplishments of the funding received under this contract. The funding was utilized as follows:
    1. Beachfront Park/ront Street Master Plan as amended
    2. Seafood Processing Facility OTC Application (Cancelled)
    3. Del Norte County Regional Airport OTC Application (Cancelled)”


    Please ignore above I wanted to make sure I had your attention for this next part**************************
    Citizens will be given the opportunity
    to MAKE THEIR COMMENTS KNOWN AND QUESTIONS ANSWERED. If you are unable to to attend the Public Hearing, you mat direct written comments to the City Clerk’s Office………
    In addition, Public information files for these projects may be reviewed at City Hall Public Works Department, 377 J Street, Crescent City Between 8:00AM
    and 5:00PM Monday through Friday.
    I bet it is going to look like a Fire Sale is happening come Monday morning!

  2. Linda, I am not advocating recall in this article. Apathy is deadly to a democracy and CC suffers from a severe case of it. People need to be engaged, to voice their displeasure with autocratic rule by a few very ignorant people, by VOTING, and by being proactive instead of sitting back and taking whatever they are dealt by our ruling class dolts. Truly we have some very dull minded individuals sitting on those council seats. I’ve heard lots of bright ideas from the people I’ve been able to talk to during the protest, and we truly can do better, if people would just get up and be vocal. CC has some real brain power, too bad none of it made it to the city council.

  3. wow, this is a sore topic for a lot of people, it is simple to say RECALL THEM ALL, but the fact of the matter is even if we did recall them, the time and money resource is problematic ….it is truly ashame that the council members could not have looked into other creative ways to deal with the water and sewer issue…it is evident that every stone was left unturned, which relates to laziness and greed which shows on each and every council members face and total being.

  4. Ted- Demand this from the city council. You can go into City Hall and ask to see the disqualified protest, but every person in this protest are not going to do that but they should because THEN the City would feel the NEED to publish the results. Of course, if they publish the results they may get lynched.

    We know for an absolute fact that the parcel list provided by the county was riddled with errors. Many of the homeowners who signed were not on the county list as being the owner. The list is very outdated!!! And the City knows this yet they used this erroneous list to disqualify owners. AND, they broke the law by not counting renters who were not the recorded water subscribers, as the law was changed in 2007 to include these renters. This is not over.

  5. Would it be wrong to ask for them ( the City ) to print the list of disqualified water voters in the news paper as we don’t know who we are but they say they do. Come on who was disqualified.

  6. It is the Good Old Boy system in this town Gov. and School Board that is the reason for people leaving here. This town is dieing–LOOK AROUND!

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