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BY LINDA SUTTER – January 26, 2013

WOW, its 0430 hours in the morning, and there is a party going on waking me from a dead sleep. Since our local police are closed, I had to dial 911.

There are no options here, either get up at 0430 hours after only going to bed at 1230, or call 911? There is no emergency, and there are no options, I called 911 and got the dispatcher from hell.

Now I know from personal experience, dialing 911 at night here in Del Norte County is answered by dispatcher’s in Eureka and you need to request   Crescent City police. However, when I requested to speak to a Crescent City Dispatcher I was met with an unbelievable argument from the Eureka dispatcher. She talked while I was talking and refused to listen, it was so bad I couldn’t and didn’t hear a word she said. We were having a yelling match because she wouldn’t listen to anything, and it is 0430 in the morning. I was getting nowhere fast, and just gave up and said, “Go to hell” at which she replied, “Have a good night”. I guess this was her form of entertainment for the evening as it would help her to stay awake.  Like she was saying, “Yipes, can’t wait for the next sucka to call so I can really drill em”. as she spits her cud into a nearby soda can.

Professionalism in the best degree.  If there had actually been an emergency the person who needed coverage would have been doomed.  In today’s society, world, immaturity and unprofessionalism as a 911 dispatcher is a liability waiting to happen.  This woman needs to lose her job and find another line of work.  Unfortunately, she probably is tight in with her employer and will go on not serving the public, because her employer allows this type of behavior.

It is my understanding our City Council wants to charge $2.00 per 911 call. Let me see, funds are already appropriated for these services from our property taxes. We pay to hire individuals who are not qualified and lack the maturity to be a dispatcher.  With that in mind the City Council wants us to pay for yet another piece of garbage.  Is there no end?

In closing I have to say, the City Police did show up while another call was being made. The Crescent City Police did do their job and for that I am very appreciative that there are cops like Officer Votruba on the job who are not afraid to do their job professionally.

For future reference the number to call at night if there is a non emergency such as this is area code 707-464-4191  push zero or extension 221 which will get you to our local dispatch for non emergency calls.

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