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By Donna Westfall – July 24, 2017 –

If you happen to know someone behind bars that you’d like to visit, did you know that you can visit them for up to 1-1/2 hours per week?  That’s right. For 1/2 hour each day on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays the jail will allow you to visit IF YOU SIGN UP.


You must come in at least one day before the visitation. You must show your ID; either a driver’s license or California ID.  Then you tell them the person you want to visit and the day.  They then tell you what time they’ve scheduled visitation.

There’s just one problem with that so far.  IF the Officer neglects to write you in, then guess what?  You’re just outta luck.  You’ve wasted your time going over to the jail because they won’t let you in for the visit.

It’s happened to me twice now.  One young female officer was so confused looking up dates and times I was thinking it was good she didn’t work at a fast food place. But this last time, I double checked with Ofc. Sampier. “Yep,” he said he had me scheduled for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Whoops! Didn’t work. I got to the window and showed my ID and I was all ready for my visit but they didn’t have me down. So, I missed Monday.

Since they don’t believe anything you tell them at the jail, like if you say to their staff officers, “It’s his mistake not mine,” tough luck.  You can’t visit.  Also, neither Ofc Sampier nor Commander Bill Stevens were around, and I didn’t want to bother Sheriff Apperson over this.  Instead, I’ve designed this ridiculous form just for jail visitation. Let’s see if it works, or if someone is intent on not allowing me to visit.

Feel free to use it.


BECAUSE of two  OFFICERS who did NOT write down

Visits and will probably NEGLECT TO ADD YOU IN PROPERLY

FOR your JAIL VISITS unless you have this form filled out



(Hint – look at their shirt and copy their name here🙂


Now who is the person you are trying to visit:

Name:  __________________________________________


THE DAY & DATE                                                  THE TIME

Saturday   Date:___________                     _____________ AM or PM

Sunday      Date: __________                       _____________ AM or PM

Monday     Date:___________                     _____________ AM or PM


Show this to the officer and ask if they did indeed input the information correctly.

Once you have filled out this form, show it to the officer and double check they have the information correctly put into the computer.

For added insurance ask if they’ll initial here:  ­­­_______


2 thoughts on “Problems with jail visitation”
  1. They should give you a copy of the visit form you filled out in case they don’t do their J.O. B then you have proof that you signed up. and if they refuse to give you a copy of the visit form let the sheriff know how inadequate his staff are.

  2. Donna, WTF thinks it would be much better visiting if these folks were not in jail in the first place. Or, if they were on work details to help clean this place up, you could visit them then!

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