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By Donna Westfall – February 7, 2022

How often have you wanted to attend a public government agency meeting and add your two cents to something on the agenda?

These days, you can attend either in person or via zoom, but if you’re unavailable then you can try writing a public comment and ask that it be read at the meeting and/or put into the public record.

Generally public meetings allow public comment from three to five minutes. For example the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors and the Crescent City, City Council as well as the $25 million School Bond Citizen’s Oversight Committee allows three minutes.

Here’s an example: County resident, Brandan Bieber, asked that his public comment be read at today’s meeting of the Board of the Health Department about wearing masks.

“Good Afternoon Board,

Thank you for your continued service to our community.

I have to apologize for this letter being critical of the County’s Health Department.  I am sure this board and the County Health Department employees are hardworking and have good intentions. 

Regardless of the intent the Del Norte County Health Ordinance dated 11-3-2021, is having irreversible negative consequences throughout the community.  The County’s Covid mitigation policies have NOT corresponded with any measurable benefit’s when comparing communities from across the country. 

The Health Order dated 11-3-2021 states in reference to mask wearing:

“Please read this Order carefully. Violation of or failure to comply with this Order is a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both. (California Health and Safety Code sections 120295, et seq.)”

How can this board and the Department Of Health be so righteous to threaten separating families for not wearing a mask?  This is a disgrace.  A disgrace to each other, a disgrace to our community, and a disgrace to our countries fundamental freedoms.  This kind of harassment is nothing short of “Domestic Terrorism.”  Yes, threatening to imprison our neighbors for an individual’s medical beliefs is harassment and Coercion. 

Website: Domestic Terrorism: Definitions, Terminology, and Methodology — FBI


              Domestic Terrorism for the FBI’s purposes is referenced in U.S. Code at 18 U.S.C. 2331(5), and is defined as activities:

  • Involving dangerous acts to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
  • Appearing to be intended to:
    • Intimidate or coerce a civilian population
    • Influence the policy of government by intimidation; or coercion; or
    • Affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assignation or kidnapping; and
  • Occurring primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States

This is not about CoVid or health; it’s about Individual Rights, and Constitutional Freedoms.

When my son asked if he was going to be arrested when seeing a police officer while grocery shopping, I had enough.  This must stop.

The required masking at schools is cruel and unusual punishment to our children.  The policy to exclude children for not wearing a mask is child abuse.  The recommendations of this department are creating hostile learning environments in our schools.  Learning disabilities and speech impairments in our youth are increasing at an alarming rate.  And, we will never know the extent your propaganda is having on the social and emotional development in children.

I urge any of you who have children to take a stand and recommend the County rescind the County Health Ordinance.

If you know someone in the military or a Veteran who risked their lives for American Freedoms, you need to withdraw this unconstitutional Health Order.

If you work for the Health Department your Mission Statement is: “respectfully promote the health, safety, self-sufficiency and well-being of children, families and individuals, creating hope for the future.”  If this is your Mission Statement, this Department should revoke the County Health Ordinance Immediately.

I respectfully request this board rescind the Health Ordinance, and allow our community to get back to life.

Thank You”

Mr. Bieber said, “I did get a response from D.N. Health and Human Services claiming my comments would be read.”

3 thoughts on “Public Comments at Government Meetings”
  1. Wow Phil MyGroyne – What a come back. Got the writer on a simple typo. Way to go with dissing truth over spell check. How do you like my misspelling of your name? Hope you don’t run off and melt, snowflake.. it’s pretty hot out.
    Take a walk.

    1. This comment is absolutely so petty it hardly deserves a comment. Next time engage your brain before you comment and you will not look quite as much the truly ignorant that you are. At the very least be productive in commenting so that we know what exactly you are whining about, then we might at least have a chance to totally destroy your foolish comment of what you think is a relevant arguement. Mask Wearing has been clearly debunked as to have had any positive affect on preventing transmission or infection of viruses long before Covid came around. There is a documented history of masking not only being ineffective as a preventative for viruses but bacteria as well. So, take off your clown nose and educate yourself before your next comment.

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