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By Donna Westfall – October 8, 2021

Sometimes it doesn’t seem like our government listens to us. We’re taught that they work for us, not the other way around. Up until now, at least with vaccinations for Covid 19 and testing of city employees, it was, “let’s follow the dictates and mandates of Sacramento.”

The Crescent City Council meets two times a month. At their last meeting, Agenda Item #9 was to decide whether or not to reject the mandate to have their employee’s vaxxed or tested if they did not get vaxxed.

During the ZOOM meeting, which I might add, is very frustrating if you’ve never done it before, there were a number of callers and a number of letters that were written to the City Council. Those that did not call in, but did write letters did not have the benefit of having their letter read.

One such caller was Angelina Countess Bieber. It must have taken her half a dozen tries to finally get on to the point where she was heard and could speak. Here’s her public comment.

“My question is to Dr. Stutz. We want to know why as a Doctor for 1 your job is to honor the Hyppocratic Oath which is to do no harm and is to support a life at all costs.  Why is it that you are not promoting natural immunities at the very least is common knowledge now. Covid has a 99.7% survival rate. Our numbers here are less than 1%. The numbers at the school are less than 1%.

You’re punishing  the healthy the majority and I know the mandates are a second section to this but mandates are a paper tiger completely unconstitutional.  They violate our civil liberties and our constitutional rights and, ah, you should be promoting preventives, there are therapeutics that are available.  We all know months ago that California banned therapeutics that are available to combat Covid so people have just taken it upon themselves to order them.  You can cure Covid at home.

I’m a living example of that and so are many others. And there are thousands in this town that have done the same. And you keep promoting the vaccine like what the WHO is doing and lying to the world. You’re actually promoting that the vaccine is stronger………

Someone tries to interrupt her.

No, you’re not going to cut me off. You guys work for us not the other way around.  We’re at a point where this is destroying lives in the community and the fabric of our country over this.  The vaccine is not more effective then natural immunity and you know this. You should be promoting Vitamin D, Vitamin C, various therapeutics, exercise, eat healthy, and we’re not even hearing that.  Just get the vax, get the vax, get the vax, get the vax. We’re not going to get pressured into getting the vax.  These mandates are illegal and we’re not going to stand for it anymore and neither do the masks.  They suffocate us and we know that.  They’re not good for kids.  It’s proven and you guys keep shoving down the same narrative.

I’d like to know how much more money you’re making by doing this job?

How much is the county and city getting to promote this false narrative.”

I don’t know how much longer ZOOM meetings will be going on in our city and county, but the faster they end and resume public meetings the better.

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