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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – June 4, 2021

Recently, many of us in the public have become aware of the large trove
of emails both to and from Dr. Anthony Fauci, current Covid Czar, that
were released through a public information request. Review of the
content of the emails has stirred a fire storm of controversy over the
nature of Dr Fauci’s advice to friends and professional relationships
that run counter to that of Saint Fauci’s preaching over the last
sixteen months.   In them we learn that mask wearing and social
distancing have very little to do with containing the spread of the
virus or for preventing infection.  Multiple studies have confirmed that
to be true. Fauci goes on to say that these measures were more to give
the “appearance” that the various governing bodies were “doing something
about it (the virus)”.  Many of these emails occurred early on in our
sixteen month parade of mass and media driven hysteria over the
pandemic.  Granted, isolation, is the most effective counter measure to
a virus. However;   in the dependent nature of today’s modern society
full scale isolation would have been impossible making all of the
measures in the name of public health emergency imposed by governments
over the past sixteen month largely pointless.  Each person that chooses
to continue following these measures should be free to do so, but not
for the reasons that have been given to us over the past year and a half.

It is important to understand that even if this current obsession with
all things Covid is to be taken seriously, a persons own individual
health should be that person’s primary concern, and not that of others
or the community at large.  Even in “public health emergencies” it does
very little good to be focused solely on the community when you yourself
might become ill and not address it. It serves no purpose for someone on
an airplane which has lost cabin pressure in an emergency to rush around
putting oxygen masks on a plane load of passengers only to collapse
because you haven’t put your own on.  My body, my choice, not my body
your choice has always been the mantra in emergency situations, public
health emergencies not with standing.  Virtue signaling not allowed.

While many in the public have long been aware of the duplicity of Dr.
Fauci, the media, and government response to the pandemic, many are
not.  For some time various voices have been raised questioning the need
for the current “public health emergency” to even have been erected.  
The damage to any ability for the country to sensibly deal with what has
been a mass of contradictory information, much of which has now been
revealed as clearly false and continues to confuse many Americans and
the world as well, is enormous.  It simply appears that a huge over
reaction to what may be something similar to the seasonal flu has the
medical community chasing after the doomsday virus that failed to show
up.  And Dr. Fauci knew this very early on.

It is unlikely we will ever know the actual numbers of people who
succumbed to Covid-19 alone, certainly no where near the half million
plus in this Country, nor whether the testing numbers of positive
results bear any resemblance to reality.  On the bright side over all
deaths in 2020 declined in the United State by over 275,000, another big
number.  And Dr. Fauci’s emails acknowledged that asymptomatic infected
(about seventy percent of those testing positive) presented very little
risk of transmission, or that contact surfaces were a potential hazard.
 Furthermore, a report out of John Hopkins regarding the ten most
common causes for death among the elderly declined  at a rate equivalent
to the deaths reported as from “Covid”.

The question then remains, “Was the declaration by so many States of
public health emergency absolutely necessary for a flu like virus?”  In
a follow up article the Crescent City Times will report on opinions
expressed by just a few of our local medical professionals  who have
been directly engaged with this virus in the local population.  Buckle
up your seat belts as the responses were as varied as any other hot
topic,,,,Global warming anybody?

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