Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024


Who wouldn’t want to win the coveted Pulitzer Prize?  Until this week, I would say nobody.  That has changed.

Those in the international arena working to rid the world of toxic industrial waste poisoning of the public water through “water fluoridation” were shocked to hear of one prize winner.

Tampa Bay won for their editorial writing for a series of editorials that encouraged Pinellas County to resume adding fluoride to the drinking water.

Some responses from around the world:

“It is with sadness and disgust that I note the Editorial Writing Pulitzer Prize was awarded to the Tampa Bay Times as a result of its editorials in support of an ineffective and harmful practice; namely water fluoridation. I have to presume that the committee’s ethics have been hijacked.” 
A. Boyden Australian Fluoridation Information Network
“This is the level of sheer corporate public relations and misinformation that one is dealing with regarding water fluoridation. The Tampa Bay Times win a pulitizer prize for fluoride editorial by deliberately misleading elected officials and the public by claiming that ending fluoridation in Pinellas County was instigated by the Tea Party and attacked those who were courageous enough to take a stand to put an end to this unchecked medical experiment in mass medication using municipal water supplies. The ‘award’ winning journalists ignored the scientific findings of the highest scientific authority in North America, the National Academy of Sciences and Medicine when their newspaper claimed that the health effects of fluorides had been completely examined and it was entirely safe ignoring the scientific findings of the National Academy who categorically found otherwise and actually recommended over 50 detailed epidemiological studies be undertaken to fill the void in information. I suppose it helps when one of the Board members of the Pulitzer prize committee is the CEO and Chairman of the very same paper that wins the award for journalism http://www.”
Declan Waugh, Ireland
From now on, the prize will be known as the BULLITZER prize per Diane Drayton Buckland, Independent Researcher, Australia.



  1. How very cleaver of the scum bags!
    When you have enough money to design your own chess pieces to use when you enter the “winner takes all” game of chess,
    and you have a cadre of live senators and congres-
    persons playing the pawns roll of protecting the more important players, and the entire world is onto your scheme of crippling the population with neuro toxins while insisting fluoride gets rid of cavities. So now that you won the Pulitzer prize Award for What?
    This is suppose to mean Fluoride is good for you because you stacked the deck again,Supreme Court Justices,FDA,Pulitzer Prize…Fluoride remains a neurotoxin. Read the 2012 Harvard study about
    fluoride lowering the IQ and brain damage to the fetus of pregnant women ingesting fluoride.
    Scum bag is a synonym for condom.

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