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Submitted by Jaime Yarbrough – April 26, 2019 – Southwestern Oregon Preppers (SWOP) will be holding a meeting at Noon on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the Emergency Operations Center, 898 Elk Drive, Brookings, OR 97415.

The main topic is “WHY YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED TO EVACUATE”. When a disaster is imminent, you must be prepared to evacuate aka “bug out”. We will discuss ideas, strategies, tactics and plans for leaving the area.

SWOP meetings always start with a question and answer period before the main topic so all in attendance get a chance to participate.

This is a free public meeting to get to know fellow local preppers in southwestern Oregon counties and to exchange information and ideas. It is important for individuals to understand that they will be “on their own” in the event of a disaster and not to depend on receiving outside help. Join Southwestern Oregon Preppers on Facebook and/or

Following the SWOP meeting, there will be a meeting of the CURRY COUNTY EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (C.E.R.T.) which is also free and open to the public.

As a resident of Del Norte / Crescent City, a member of the Del Norte Amateur Radio club and a member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) I will be attending. Having experienced the quake and tsunami of 2011 and the fire that threatened Brookings I have seen the potential to have an event make the unthinkable happen. Lessons of these events are only valuable if we learn from then so we will be prepared if they or something even worse knocks on our door.

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