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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – November 7, 2022

Heavy rain and snow are expected across the state on Election Day. And the Newsom/Biden camps are opening celebrating.

After all the lectures about “voter access” and “protecting democracy,” they are downright giddy at the prospect of people being deterred from voting by inclement weather.

Of course, they’re kidding themselves: we will not be deterred. Biden and Newsom seriously underestimate how committed voters are to cleaning up their mess.

To make sure they get that message as clearly as possible, I’d suggest we all try to encourage at least one person who wasn’t planning to vote to cast a ballot. You can enter any address here to find all the ways and places to vote, including:

  • Voting today at early in-person voting sites
  • Voting tomorrow at Election Day voting sites
  • Putting your ballot in a drop box
  • Mailing your ballot (no stamp needed) postmarked tomorrow or earlier

It’s a cliché, but it’s the truth: every vote matters. Many races will be decided by the slimmest of margins. Sometimes, races even end in a tie.

This happened a few years ago in a race for the Virginia Legislature, and a random drawing determined the winner. As it happened, that seat also determined which party had the Majority. So a single vote would have changed the entire state’s balance of power.

I am hopeful tomorrow will be a great day, one of profound and lasting importance. But only if we get out and vote – rain or shine – like our country depends on it.

4 thoughts on “Rain or Shine”
  1. Sheep
    Del Norte County residents have overwhelming voted to continue mass taxation of its citizens. Local illiteracy and Government dependence is attributed to giving more money to failing government agencies. We tolerate more Communist policies than Conservative principles. Thanks to Mr. Borges and Mr. Wilson winning their respective Supervisor positions, Del Norte County can still resemble American fundamentals of Life, Liberty, and Freedom.

    1. It has occurred to me that government has become a monster with the more we feed it with the taxes and fees the bigger it gets and the more it wants for more employees and departments. Some of these peoples titles actually make me laugh. By the way, does California really need 58 counties. We have federal, state, county, city governments. When I have a problem with neighbors burning and smoke or dogs do I get help from the government — NO. But there are laws. Now I see shopping carts all over; what happened to enforcing that law? Why not enforce speeding through town? Now the BOS wants a noise ordinance, another thing they want or can’t enforce. Ete, etc, etc.

      1. I hear people complain, complain, and say nothing changes well good grief why do people continue to vote the same???, just remember folks you get what you vote for I have changed my vote a few times, I don’t care if there is a D or R after their name, personally
        I try to vote for the person that is best for the country.

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