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By Donna Westfall – March 8, 2023

Yesterday I was having a cavity filled by my dentist located in Brookings, Oregon. While waiting for the local anesthetic to kick in, his assistant and I were chatting about fluoride. I was telling her about the problem of finding a dentist taking new patients in Crescent City and people were complaining. She didn’t know who was taking new patients, but mentioned the names of a couple dentists and one she mentioned was Dr. Elizabeth Arvonen.

As I recall, I went to Dr. Arvonen when we first got into town some 15 or 16 years ago. Thought she was a fine dentist until I sat on the City Council and had some constituents complain about fluoride in the municipal drinking water. Dr. Arvonen came to City Council meetings and defended the addition of fluoride to the municipal water. I did my research, agreed with those constituents that fluoride in the water was tantamount to drinking poison and it was at that point I stopped going to her.

Among one of the problems created by willy-nilly drinking of the municipal water is that when a medication is put in, nobody monitors the dose and thus infants and children were developing fluorosis. Educating the public was a four year process; two tries at the ballot box and eventually fluoride was voted out in 2012 and turned off in early 2013.

This morning I received an email from one of the people responsible for helping to eradicate fluoride in municipal water in the U.S. but in this case it was connected to her horses. This is from Cathy Justus in Colorado:

“March 8, 2023

Cathy Justus

Palette J Ranch Quarter Horses

Pagosa Springs, CO

As you know, many years ago my horses were the first to be diagnosed with chronic fluoride poisoning from artificially fluoridated water.  Years after this diagnosis by Dr. Lennart Krook, PhD, DVM Cornell University, I was called by a California veterinarian, out of the blue.  He told me that he had been in practice for decades and had just realized he had been seeing dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis for all that time and didn’t know what he was looking at or the cause.  He was never taught how to recognize fluoride poisoning in his schooling.  Or that there was even such a thing.  This fact of “deliberate deleation” was something I had found out through all my years of searching for the reason why my animals were getting sick and dying.

This veterinarian, Dr. Larry Kelly, had me send him all the info I had received from Dr. Krook and that I had gleaned over the years.  Since then Dr. Kelly has been doing his own research which is linked below.  I am so impressed at all he has been doing and am so sad for the horses that have been lost to this cumulative, virulent poisoning and their owners.  This time the poisoning was from naturally occurring fluoride in well water.  

Larry said he has a part 4 coming out that will be on “diagnosis and mitigation”.  

Larry’s Twitter page is:    

Blessings to you and thank you for all you do for the betterment of the world and it’s health.

Wayne and Cathy Justus raised show-quality quarter horses in California for years, and had a wall full of blue ribbons to show for it, when they moved their operation to beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado, in part to take advantage of the clean water .

The Justus Palette J Ranch quarter horses had always been healthy, but that good health stopped abruptly in 1985 when Pagosa Springs added silicofluoride chemicals to the municipal water supply. The Justus horses began to display many apparently unrelated symptoms that Wayne and Cathy were unable to classify, and, worse, baffled their veterinarian.

The first acute symptom after fluoridation was colic, the number one killer of horses, then Cushing’s syndrome, thyroid and other metabolic issues, skeletal fluorosis, hoof deformation, and more. Foals were dying, mares were dying. Eventually, Wayne and Cathy lost six beautiful show horses and four dogs.

In 2004, when Cathy finally had incontrovertible scientific proof that fluoride from municipal water caused the deaths, she became a tireless and effective campaigner for fluoride-free water. In 2005 Cathy’s efforts were crowned with success when Pagosa Springs stopped adding fluoridation chemicals to its water. Colic disappeared immediately and, although fluoride remained in the bones of the Justus horses, the other mysterious illnesses that Wayne and Cathy’s animals, and their neighbors animals, had suffered for twenty years began to abate.

You can watch their 1/2 hour video POISONED HORSES: A DOCUMENTARY by  Dr. David Kennedy, DDS on

Before I took up the flag of removing fluoride in the water, constituents came before the City Council with reams of scientific evidence and were summarily shunned. At that time, Kelly Schellong, Kathryn Murray, Dennis Burns and Charles Slert sat on the council with me. When constituents come before elected officials like the City Council and Board of Supervisors and feel like they’re talking to the wall, like Branden Bieber talking about all the items inserted into the BOS Consent Agenda without adequately doing their homework, then it’s time for a change. Please consider running for office if you want to have a voice in how our tax dollars are being spent.

In case you didn’t know, Kelly Schellong was appointed to join the City Council and took office on January 17, 2023 to finish the term left vacant by Beau Smith. Also, in case you didn’t know, Kelly Schellong was one of the four responsible for having me censured when I started asking questions about allegations of fraud and corruption on the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Again, proof was presented to the City Council, but ignored. If you think that Councilmember Schellong is here to watch your tax dollars carefully, you might want to question her about why she did not ask one question when the price of the WWTP upgrade/expansion jumped from $19.2 million to $43.8 million in the course of a couple months. You might also want to ask her whatever happened to all the video’s of the meetings connected to the WWTP between the years 2007- 2011. She previously served on the City Council from 2006-2014.

There is plenty of articles about Schellong and the WWTP over the years in Crescent City Times. Just do a search.

Please consider running for office if you want to have a voice in how our tax dollars are being spent. Schellong, Jason Greenough and Blake Inscore’s term ends November 2024.

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