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Dr. Tynes is proving once again that he should not be trusted as a health care professional, for his rebuttal argument for the ballot is anything but professional. I suppose if all you have is bull then that’s what you use. But really Dr. Tynes, is this the best you can do?

Seriously flimsy is the statement by Dr. Tynes that millions of people have been drinking fluoridated water and no one has suffered any of the adverse health effects that we are claiming. Hello, Dr. Tynes: since you have read ALL of the studies then you would know that every single adverse health effect that can be attributed to fluoridation is all around us. Thyroid disease, bone disease, kidney disease: you just have to talk to almost anyone and find out they have something that can be linked to fluoride exposure.

But the main point being overlooked here is that we are not talking about “fluoride” generically. I think you know that, Dr. Tynes, and are purposely trying to mislead the voters. We are talking about hydrofluosilicic acid and that is not “just fluoride.” If you, Dr. Tynes, would just do your homework you would know that hydrofluosilicic acid is not the same as the “fluoride” that is in tooth paste or that many studies are based on. This is a Frankenstein of a fluoride. It is a toxic industrial waste product.

The studies available show this chemical, hydrofluosilicic acid, increases the amount of lead in our children’s blood. Have you read these studies? And if you haven’t, why not? And if you have, because you’ve read ALL the studies, why are you ignoring this vital piece of information? Do you not care that our children could be harmed?

This is not “internet medicine” as you claim but a collection of data assembled on a medium that makes it widely available for anyone to find. So why haven’t you found it yet? I know if I hand deliver a package of valid and scientifically sound studies to your hands you would not even read them. Or if you did read them you would discount them. I know this because there are studies readily available that you discount out of hand for no other reason that it goes against your agenda. So what exactly is your agenda?

Some might say your agenda, Dr. Tynes, is to keep this poison in our water because doctors get to make money on all the maladies caused by fluoridation. How much money is made by people needing thyroid meds and the blood tests that must be done routinely? How much money is there in dialysis for people with kidney disease? How about diabetes? How about bone cancer? How about arthritis? All these diseases are very lucrative for a doctor to treat over and over again, for the life of the patient.

I can understand why Kathryn Murray signed on to opposing Measure A, because her politics are personal and she automatically opposes anything Donna Westfall favors, and Martha Davis, she’s on the school board and has her little crowd she has to go along with. But a DOCTOR condoning the mass medication of an entire population with a substance that has proven to show harm, I just can’t understand. Unless, of course, it’s for the money.

  1. Thank you for continueing to fight this poison we’re being exposed to. There are many forms flouride takes and being forced to consume or bath in a toxic chemical that is a byproduct of the pesticide industry does not, by any stretch of the imagination, sound like it’s in the public’s best interest.

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