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Submitted by Linda Sutter from Assemblyman Kevin Kiley’s Facebook Page – February 18, 2021

The latest signature count is 1,689,000, and “alarmed party leaders” are panicking, making “all hands on deck” calls to try to head off this extraordinary citizens’ movement.

Their arguments combine a disdain for both logic and democracy. If I were still teaching high school debate, I might use them as a lesson plan on the fallacies of argumentation.

Several opponents have adopted a talking point that the Recall is a “distraction.” That would be a reason never to have elections at all. Other Newsom allies are claiming it would “overturn a democratic election.” We actually don’t elect people for life in this country. A State Senator leading the anti-Recall charge says their strategy is “all about reducing signatures.” That sounds a lot like voter suppression.

The Newsom camp also insists a Recall would cost too much. It would cost about a quarter of a percent what the EDD fraud he’s allowed cost us.

California’s lieutenant governor called the Recall a “quirky” procedure to “slip” a new Governor in. I imagine this is how British monarchists spoke of the pesky American colonists, with their quirky notions of freedom and self-government.

What’s most telling is almost everyone is attacking the process rather than trying to defend Newsom. One outspoken Recall opponent even called the signature sheets “poisonous petitions.” (You can imbibe a vial yourself at

The most common anti-Recall talking point is we should just wait until 2022 to vote Newsom out. That would conveniently allow him two more years to abuse the public trust, something we simply cannot afford. More kids remain out of school here than anywhere. California is the only state still shutting down restaurants, museums, and so much more.

I happen to think a Recall election this year is ideal timing, as the people of California would have a chance the following year to throw out any legislators who hadn’t caught on that the era of corruption is over. This would assure the Recall is not a one-off event but a fundamental course correction, a brilliant dawn out of the darkness of this past year.

Join our movement to save the California Dream before it’s too late

Editor’s Note: 1,495,709 is the number of valid signatures needed to put the recall on the ballot. As of 2/18/21 they had 1,689,000 and are shooting for 1.8-2 million.

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