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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large — April 17, 2021

Red Tier, Purple Tier, Red Tier, Purple Tier, almost as if the State and
our local Public Health “expert” are beginning to sound a bit
schizophrenic.  Nobody seems to know what it means to be relegated to
one tier over the other.  Seems that the old set of requirements for
belonging are set to change even with the uptick in reported Covid cases
in the County.  Perhaps it is because the thirteenth state in this
country has suspended its Covid Mandates, and the courts have suddenly
remembered both that this is a free country and we have a Constitution
that makes it so.  Hopefully the over reach of state governors and their
bureaucratic minions will come to realize that this country’s citizens
have the right to determine what is “safe” in their own right.

People who wish to continue to wear masks, social distance, wash your
hands, and stay at home are free to continue to do so, just don’t expect
those that do not wish to do so will continue with this behavior.  It is
crystal clear from the many states that do not insist compliance that
none of the mandates have had any appreciable effect on the spread of
the virus.  Some of the most restrictive states, blue like California
and New York, where 85 to 90% of the population have bent a knee to
Covid mandates are doing no better than those that have not.  Surprise,

As the “Pandemic” mania continues to crumble under the weight of new
information and the fact that none of the hype and hysterical media
bleating of doom and gloom has come to pass.  How embarrassed does this
group of clowns have to become before things get back to normal? 
Epidemics have come and gone for centuries, yet the human race has
seemed to have survived.  Epidemics will continue to erupt in the
future, but hopefully a valuable lesson has been learned, not to over
react.  Over reaction clearly appears to be far more damaging than past

Perhaps a bit of local information on just exactly how the “pandemic”
effected us here locally.  The daily tolling of the bell by the County’s
Covid dash board turned up with the following information after fifteen
months of ringing the bell of doom.  For the County of 27,956 souls as
of the most recent census, 1272 people have tested positive, if that in
fact represents one positive for a single person, hardly likely.  This
represents about 4.5% of our entire population.  Of that 1272 a mere 30
people were placed in the hospital, or 2.3% of those testing positive,
0.1% of the County’s population.  Finally, seven people are purported to
have died from Covid, if you consider being over seventy, having
multiple serious health issues, and earning Sutter Health a tidy
windfall.  This represents 0.025% of the entire population for fifteen

Over the past several months vaccines were thought  become the “new” go
to solution for our problems with Covid where troubling responses to all
of the current vaccines, and even suspensions for some of them have
health officials scrambling to reassure the public that vaccinations are
“for the most part safe”.  Lingering doubts about what will vaccines
afford us in states like California, not much, higher negative outcomes
from vaccines than when infected by Covid, remember they are all still
experimental, and a mortality rate that likely will descend to that of
the Common Flu.  Not much further to go.

All in all, in spite of the doom and gloom reflected in local and state
authority’s handling of Covid-19, Del Norte County got off lightly from
the virus, not so much our economy.  Keep in mind, Del Norte’s student
population will, maybe, might go back to school in the fall, masks will
be required

3 thoughts on “Red, Purple, Red, Purple”
  1. Blame any panic on the media !! They sell more news with sensationalism . Just take it with a grain of salt , as my mom used to say . ‍‍

    1. Unfortunately the media hysteria would not have gone any where without our political leadership jumping on board. There isn’t much doubt any more that absolute power corrupts. It is on full display, not only in this Country, but worldwide.

  2. Life, as in the Jimi Hendrix song, is just a Purple Haze and one must “Be Experienced”. But lately I see Red when I see Purple.

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