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By Angry Old American

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It is the duty of all slaveholders to refuse any further care and sustenance of their slaves until the end of violence on America’s streets.

After viewing multiple videos of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests held throughout this country, I’ve become aware that a vast majority of marchers are not Black. Although I did not count and crunch the numbers myself, those who have done so claim only one in six protestors are Black. From observation of videos, I would agree with this assessment.

Of all the shootings occurring during these “Peaceful Protests” at CHAZ/CHOP Seattle and elsewhere, ALL of them were perpetrated by participants in the protests. ALL of the victims so far at these Black Lives Matter protest shootings have been Black!

Why would any Black person want to attend a protest composed of predominately young White Leftist ANTIFA Radicals when these White Leftist Radicals are killing Black people? Personally, I believe the Democrat Party, the mainstream media and ANTIFA are baiting innocent and naive young Black People to certain doom for propaganda purposes!

CHAZ/CHOP Seattle was formed initially in support of Black Lives Matter as a zone free of Police because of brutality against Black People. After firmly supporting ANTIFA and the occupiers for weeks, Mayor Jenny Durkan finally issued orders for Police to retake the zone. The reason for the expulsion of protestors during Mayor Durkan’s “Summer of Love” was the ambush and shooting of two unarmed Black teenagers in a moving vehicle outside the perimeter of the blockaded zone. This shooting was done by members of the CHAZ/CHOP “Security force.” The CHAZ/CHOP Security Force was composed mostly of young White ANTIFA Radicals wearing bullet-proof vests and openly carrying unregistered assault rifles. These masked Revolutionary “Peace Keepers” had dispensed “Justice” by shooting and killing several Black BLM protesters during previous weeks. Though formed as peace-keepers, the CHAZ/CHOP Security Force killed Black People to protect Black People who had been freed from Police brutality against Black People!

Now, I am not diminishing the zeal of these armed young White Leftist Radicals who are shooting unarmed Black People during their Black Lives Matter protests. If I were to do so, they would probably come to my house and kill me!

This slave revolt among young White Leftist Radicals must come to a halt! Slaveholding Parents and Grandparents must act now before the little snots turn their own neighborhoods into “Autonomous Zones” or “Occupied Protests.” Their grandparents should disconnect their internet, cut off their video game privileges, and ground them to their basements until they clean their rooms of communist hate literature and promise to behave. Television privileges should be severely restricted with channels blocked to Radical Leftist incitement from CNN and NBC. Subscriptions to subversive leftist rags like the Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal should be canceled. Parents would likewise be advised to cut off their kid’s allowances so they cannot afford to buy protest signs, Molotov cocktails, guns and ammunition. Retrieve every credit card that was given to them for “emergencies.” Cars should not be loaned, nor gasoline provided. If parents pay for their children’s cell phone, they should retrieve them and cancel service. Parents should also cancel their kid’s tuition to colleges and universities that incited them to Marxist revolution in the first place. It is time for us all to take responsibility and be accountable for our own roles in these acts of wanton violence. We, the “Persecutors, Haters and Slave-Holders” of America must unite and put down this rebellion before these spoiled White brats cause genocide to every innocent Black person in this nation.

My advice to elders in our society is to refuse to feed your slaves! If your kids or grandchildren have chosen to live in economic bondage to you, and they participate in insurrection, financially starve them into submission! Yes, the liberal courts will punish you for being a cruel parent or grandparent, the mainstream media will shame and lambast you before the public as “Nazi Racists,” and Democrats will pass Bills in Congress to restore the kid’s video games and allowance; but Black lives really do matter!

It is time for those carrying the wallets and holding the purse-strings to restore order and end this genocide of Black lives on American streets.


Angry Old American

11 thoughts on “Refuse to feed your slaves!”
  1. Thankfully you conservative Republicans and Religious right won’t be around after a couple more elections!

    1. So let me get this straight, Bob, the left preaches inclusiveness, but that doesn’t appear to be what you are saying here. Are you admitting that everything you want to say and hear can only exist in the vacuum chamber of leftist thinking and everything contrary to that is excluded? Kind of an odd way of being inclusive, wouldn’t you say. Fortunately for you Bob, the human condition will always balk at one size fits all kind of thinking. That’s why the left Will always find themselves hoping for a success that seems to elude them in the end with some rather disastrous consequences as the lessons of history have shown us. But hey Bob, you can always continue to hope. Maybe relocate to downtown Portland and join in on all the inclusive fun. You know, “peaceful protesting”, riots, and all those inclusive activities that leftist seem to enjoy.

        1. Sorry Bob, never watched Fox News much, especially after Disney bought them out. You really should keep up with the times. By the way, you don’t seem to be willing to say much about your “real world”. Sniping seems to be your strong suit, without much in the way of “real world” content. Come on Bob, spit it out, and don’t hold back. Let’s all hear about just why you imagine only leftists will be around after a couple of more elections. After all, history has shown just how successful leftists have been when given the reigns of power. Pretty grim in places like Venezuela and Cuba. Lucky for all the people in those places that it didn’t take all that long to get where they are at now. Wonder if there are any regrets. Maybe after the killing starts. What a wonderful “real world” you have in store, hopefully only for yourself though, I’ll take a pass. My real world doesn’t include progressive/liberal suicide in a fantasy world full of unrealistic goals parroted by people in your “real world” Bob. Thanks, but no thanks.

          1. Samuel
            For not watching Fox News you would be amazed at how much you sound like them. I really don’t have much to say to anyone who supports Trump or acts like him. I will check back with you after the election. Be ready to write about one of the largest landslides in American History.

  2. Like the wall poster in Agent Moulder’s office from a 90s TV show called X Files…” I want to Believe..” however without some specific links to journalism to back up your statements it’s rather difficult…how can the UFO rescue me if I don’t believe it’s actually in the sky ?

    1. I hope you are better at understanding what’s happening in the streets of major cities here in the US than you appear to be. AOA certainly appears to at least try to be informed. I am not sure where you have been over the last few weeks, unless it is in a total media blackout. Sparky comment not with standing, you are deprived.

      1. Why is it that you have to attack everyone with a differing opinion other than yours. You sir are a Shill.

        1. In this case it wasn’t so much as a difference of opinion, but a complete lack of knowledge about what is going on in the US. If you can find something in that statement that is somehow untrue, please let us all know. We wait with baited breath. As far as attacking everyone with a differing opinion, that is a pretty broad statement and not entirely accurate. Only those that routinely mangle the facts or do not move the discussion forward as in this case. Also those that can’t seem to comment without resorting to some kind of disrespectful identifier. Need I say more?

  3. Great article Angry Old American! Thanks for Contributing to the Crescent City Times! Donna’s Newspaper is needed for us Conservative Republicans! Keep up the good work ! Thankyou! I

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