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Opinion Piece by Dale Bohling – February 24, 2017 –

“Trump’s refugee plan plays on fear not safety” wrote Will Merriwether in the Triplicate’s Another View  column dated February 4.2017. In a pre-911 mindset he launches into a 600+ word poo-pooing  of President Trump’s announced temporary ban on Syrian refugees until such time as an adequate vetting system can be put in place. He first invokes the presidential stalwart FDR in his historical speech in 1933 in which FDR sought to allay the chaos and fear of the Great Depression which gripped the U.S. “All we have to fear is fear itself” was  the clarion call to action then. Seemingly Mr. Merriwether contrasts  Mr. Trump’s ban as playing on the visceral fear of many citizens of terrorists unleashed on American soil,of which I admit my deep concern.
One dose of Merriwether’s soothing syrup is his focus on the current vetting system by defining it as one of the most stringent in the world. That may well be…ordinarily. However, that system could and almost likely WOULD be overwhelmed by the vastness of the numbers involved  much as a too-full-dam during an historic rainy season.
Another layer of comfort is attempted to be applied by Mr.  Merriwether’s  statement that the immigrant community is home to individuals who  love the U.S. How can he know that? Regardless how they came here and “regardless of their religious beliefs.”
In the case of Islam  that last phrase  is utter nonsense. Islam allows absolutely no tolerance of other religious systems. Muslims living in non-muslim countries are not only permitted  but are strongly advised by the Koran to employ subterfuge and duplicity in  their daily living  until the time sharia law can be enacted.
One look at the utter chaos in Europe is enough for me! It is my fervent hope that President Trump will prevail.

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