Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Dr. Spock
picture credit Photo by NBC, via Photofest.

Starting with the original Gene Roddenberry series, Start Trek, in September 1966, Dr. Spock was not of this universe. For science fiction lovers, seeing his pointy-ears, his stoic Vulcan demeanor, his signature hand salute and his famous phrase, “Live long and prosper,” started a life-long love for actor Leonard Nimoy as Dr. Spock the half human- half alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise.

Nimoy died this morning at his Bel Air home at the age of 83 from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


One thought on “Remembering Leonard Nimoy as Dr. Spock”
  1. There are few actors who really made a powerful and positive impression on me in my childhood. This man did, and he will be terribly missed by many for many years to come.

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