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By Donna Westfall – October 29, 2019

It’s not just a Republican thing.  Independents, Green Party, Libertarians and some Democrats are signing Recall Petitions to put Newsom back on the ballot.

Some of the reasons cited:

  • Violated and subverted Federal immigration law by encouraging “Sanctuary State” and city policies that shield criminal illegal aliens from law enforcement and immigration authorities.
  • Homelessness: Allowing our major cities to be overrun by homelessness, creating a threat to public health and hygiene and leading to Third World-like conditions and diseases in places like Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • Tax increases: California already has the highest taxes in the nation which are driving away our best residents and businesses.  Despite a massive budget surprujs of $21 billion, he proposes more than $2 billion in additional taxes.
  • Health care for illegal aliens:  He seeks to make California taxpayers pay for the health car3e of criminal lawbreakers who entered our nation illegally at a starting cost of over $200 million. 

If you are a registered voter and want to sign the Recall Petition there are people across the street from WalMart today until 3 pm.



2 thoughts on “Remove Gov Newsom from office?”
  1. I can only surmise that there is some sort of IQ lowering substance in California’s water supply, this is the second time in 20 years we’ve been through this. Why do people keep voting for someone they have to throw out 18 months later? Just the special election costs more than thier cumulative salary…not to mentioned lost time legislating ….

  2. I signed the Petition to Recall Newsom at a Republican meeting many weeks ago and Tony signed one today in a lot across from Walmart! He has got to go!

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