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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – September 27, 2018 – As it relates to Solano County:

Proposition 6 is pretty much a no brainer.  This is not simply a rejection of a tax but a rejection of bureaucracy which believes they can never have enough of your money.  The money collected as gas tax before this increase is quite substantial but Jerry Brown and his clowns took it and spent it for other things.  Another good example is the bridge toll increase being used to fund bicycle paths and unrelated ventures instead of simply on maintenance and repair.

I did speak with a county official who told me the road repair work could not continue with high quality refurbishment without these funds.  As these are county roads, why not take it to the voters in the county and have them fund it?  Only problem I saw and mentioned to him was that the beautiful job just happened to be done in the high rent district in Green Valley.  Lower priced overlays would work just as well.

Again this boils down to “just give us the money and we will find a way to spend it”.  Where is the plan?  I am not talking about amorphous or ambiguous statements but on preservation strategies so that major repairs won’t need to be done.  Let’s look at Highway 80 where they repaved from Vallejo to Dixon.

How is it that entering Fairfield around Peña Adobe the road is already torn up?  The road is so bad in the slow lane that you have to dodge the cracked concrete and they have already repaved just beyond that spot.  Other spots show scars or embedded material.  Doesn’t Cal-Trans have a maintenance strategy?  And they want more money?

California doesn’t need bullet trains, twin tunnels, or a gas tax.  We need common sense and good management.  If the Democrats who are in charge would give me that, I would vote for them.

Fat chance of that ever happening …

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