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Commentary by Samuel Strait – April 22, 2022

I will try not to bore you with the details, but our local Republican
Central Committee “in secret”, has made known in a flyer who they wished
for the voters to cast their ballots for in June’s primary.  It will
likely take some time for local voters to sift through the Party’s state
picks, as some are obvious, others less so at the state level.  They
have constructed an amazing rogue’s gallery of “Republicans” that can
safely be said to have long since jettisoned the basics of what it means
to be a Republican.  The endorsed  local supervisorial candidates all
have come out to support the continuation of theft from local pockets,
and expanded local government.  New hires proliferate, far outstripping
any effort to understand root causes and the fact that more government
almost never equates to better situation for the governed.

As we move towards the June primary, it will become the CCTimes’s task
to unravel all the political speak in order to give voters accurate and
timely information on each of the candidates. “Official Endorsements” by
the Del Norte GOP, notwithstanding, in a mailer or by other means will
be carefully examined  for the worth of their pronouncements to the
public.  Thus far, those being offered as Republican “choices” for local
offices fail in the most obvious ways of not practicing long held
traditional values of smaller government, and lower taxes.   All three
endorsements, Chris Howard, District Three, Patty Adams, District Four,
and David Jones, District Five, support continued theft from local
pockets through the continuation of the 1% sales tax increase.

Mr Jones, and Ms. Adams were given the opportunity some time ago to make
clear their positions on a variety of issues facing local residents
which they, if elected, would become responsible for decisions going
forward.  Neither have availed themselves for interview.  Mr. Howard has
for seven years occupied the seat for District Three and is firmly in
the camp of more taxes, and larger government.  He has clearly defected
from the ranks of what Republican stands for and has for his entire
stint on the Board of Supervisors.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks a more detailed examination
of State office aspirants endorsed by the local RNC will occur  to
determine if their errors in judgement over local candidates extends to
those candidates as well.  As many in the Country over the last couple
of years have begun to recognize, Party affiliation, and “expert”
analysis are not always the best choice going forward.  Too often major
sources of trust have been revealed as something other than having
anyone’s best interests in mind.  Long term fixtures in the public arena
have revealed themselves as corrupt.  American’s can no longer trust
that party affiliation and their endorsements produce what is best for
the local population.  Person education on candidates and issues have
become critical in the Country’s elections to determine the best path
forward for a majority of the population no matter where you chose to
live or how you have registered to vote.

It would be a travesty of the highest order if the Republican Central
Committee’s endorsements were to go forward unchallenged. Very few of
the current executive members of the local GOP are anything
philosophically different in thinking than that employed by the local
Democrats.  Their interests of expanding government do not mesh with
independent, thinking Americans who wish to continue to have a say in
their individual welfare.   Those candidates that they have endorsed,
mirror their kind of thought. This has become a stark example of the
necessity for every voter to educate themselves to determine who
represents their interests the best.

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