Sun. May 19th, 2024

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Just a morning rant…not aimed at anyone or written with bad feelings..I have tried to stay away from posting anything political on here for quite a long time now. And i don’t see this as political…just my thoughts. The county is divided and there’s nothing i can say to change anyone’s mind, even some of my best friends. I posted a video yesterday of a rally here in Crescent City. I never expected it to cause any finger pointing, anger or hurt feelings, but it did. It made me think “why?” It’s not a Trump thing i don’t think? I may be wrong. There are many democrats that want our country to re open. So i got to thinking. Where and why did i come up with my beliefs? I worked for the government for 16 years.I saw first hand how they over react to the least little thing.I’m not sure if it’s a power thing? or a too many heads can’t come up with a simple solution thing? Or a make more money thing? or a big city trying to force their rules on small communities thing? or what? All i know is I try and respect them but i have ZERO faith in them.For example I see all the river and park access closed with huge signs saying “NO PARKING IN STATE PARKS” and i think to myself “Huh?’…I cant hike in Del Norte County on a park trail? Really?..Now that seems like a power thing to me. The government doesn’t believe in common sense.I guess I can sort of understand that…there are a LOT of people out there with none. I do find it funny though that it seems like my liberal friends seem to follow the governments orders to the T, well unless its the Presidents orders. My conservative friends seem to question the motives more. I have some wonderful friends that are liberal. We know how we each feel about politics and don’t discuss them.Its gotten that bad. Sad really. Now all this got me thinking about something else. Im not much of a history buff but i got to thinking about the American revolution. I did some research and there were many many Americans that were against the revolution and sided with the British.i got to thinking, if that was today who would have been willing to stand up and fight for our freedom and to make us the United States of America? and who would have wanted to side with the Government (the British)? I have to say from what Im seeing now i think my liberal friends would have followed the Governments orders and not ‘rocked the boat”. Now if your really honest with your selves there’s no way you could see it any differently?.is there? Another point in history..the slaughter of 6 million Jews in WW2. I’m not Jewish and i have nothing against them at all.The ones that i have met are very nice people. But I know for a fact that their government disarmed them first, then marched them to their death. 6 million! I have to wonder why? When i think of my liberal and conservative friends i ask myself, if this was then and we were them which ones of us would be marched to our deaths trusting in our government and which would have been part of the resistance movement?.Food for serious thought my friends..if this angers you in anyway you my friend are WAYYY to thin skinned and take everything wayyyy to personal..i have mentioned NO names in this…but Im sure ill get some very hurtful , negative, angry, responses…but why?…did i not speak the truth?..And if not how? Seriously?…look deep into yourselves and tell me how im wrong?..and keep it nice…

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  1. I find no problems finding trails to hike on in the state and county parks. They have not banned that.

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