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“God’s Not Here Today”
For those were the words touted and declared  in a demonic tone emanating from one of the Del Norte Sheriff’s deputies while Dave Egan was reciting, The Lord’s Prayer, (that infamous day back in August 2011 under the late regime of former sheriff Dean Wilson at my friends home), as Dave was being placed under false arrest and ushered off to jail for a fabricated scenario engineered by Detective, “Mad Dog.” Barber. Dave was attempting to plea for the safety of his pets, (his “kids”), realizing the front door of his home had been smashed down by Deputy Griffin, and that the home was now breached and unsecured . This shocked his conscience, yet as Jesus was nailed to a crucifix and felt only pity for those responsible, Dave conveyed to me days later he felt only sorrow for the individuals’ souls responsible for this blasphemous statement, and that they would one day have to answer to “The Big Guy” for their deeds.
For this is a slippery slope when law enforcement doesn’t follow protocol nor judicial procedure, and attempts to cover up their illegal actions via semantics on a piece of paper. For example the word ”gun.” Nowadays it gets them off the hook and all eyes diverted away from any of the factual events and lack of causation. It’s not big government we need to fear over 2nd  Amendment Rights being chisled away, but rather rogue law enforcement officers such as former Det. Bob Barber, under Wilsons’ old regime’ that knows how to pervert the judicial system and cover up his actions with the semantic on a piece of paper with the use of the word ”gun.” The reason no one ever heard about this horrific event, is that it was probably quashed by someone in the Sheriff’s department from going to the Triplicate newspaper, or the reporters from that newspaper are told which stories to pass on. Only now has this epic debaucle come into the light of public consciouness via this media organization Crescent City
The “intimidation” tactics started immediately as soon as my friend made bail in 2011 and they continued throughout all of 2012 and 2013. Former Det. Barber went so as far as taking up residence in the vacant dwelling next door to Dave, being paid for all the hours he cowered in a dark vacant house for weeks on end, when the policy of Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department at the time under Wilson, claimed they were too understaffed to even go out and take burglary reports. Where were the powers that be in regards to all the hours he clocked in his ”special -ops” private vendetta and surveilance operations? The intimidation campaign would continue the entire following year with either former Det. Bob Barber, former Deputy Steve Morris or Deputy Justin Gill  parked directly in front of or next to his home; menacingly and with threatening stares, in any one of the Sheriffs’ department elaborate and fanciful  ”under cover ” vehicles.
As my friend Dave has suffered, not unlike Job from the Bible, for enduring all this and standing up for his God given rights to make Del Norte County a better and safer environment for now and for the future. He has being instrumental in the ousting of former District Attorney Alexander,  former Sheriff Wilson, and former Detective Bob who quit the day Erik Apperson was elected. Dave’s goal is that law enforcement officers be held accountable for their illegal acts, and sanctioned, and/or loose their pensions. Dave is not the only victim in this saga, but rather all the citizens of the county, as the costs thus far defending the original Federal Civil Rights lawsuit could have well paid for street lights all along the span of Cooper Avenue!  The costs will continue with only the County’s defense attorneys in Eureka getting rich from all this. How much has the County spent in the wake of financial destruction and disaster caused by Barber and his irresponsible acts? Everyone has been discussing how much just this one case has cost the County so far and no one seems willing to add it all up!
Why did the County not merely take responsibility, appologize, compensate, settle, remedy the situation like fire Barber, to prevent future civil rights lawsuits and move on?  Instead , the lawsuits continue, the defense attorneys will continue to bilk the County drawing these current cases out for as long as they can, and the citizens of Del Norte County will continue to pick up the tab . It truly is adding insult to Injury for all residents of the County, and is a deplorable state of affairs the taxpaying citizens are being subjected to.
Hopefully, now that we have ushered in a new era with a fresh D.A., Sheriff, Judge and others is this the start of a healthier and safer community? Also hopefully the Board of Supervisors will see the light and join this momentum in admitting when mistakes were made, eliminating those responsible, compensating those that have wrongfully suffered, and in the long run saving the County millions in current and future lawsuits.  This should enable a higher standard of living in the County and it’s taxpaying citizens.
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  1. On Friday Jan22,2016 I was arrested by park personnel on Howland hill rd.

    I was walking my dog illegally. When they (park personnel) called out to me, my dog went out ahead to greet them. They (park personnel) drew down on her! I put my dog in the car at there request. They (park personnel) apparently had snooped around the vehicle i was borrowing because they were asking about the vin tag that is normally on the dash, driver side near windshield. It was missing. After a series of questions and responses i was arrested. Of course not for auto theft but for “resisting” along with walking my dog without a leash, and altering identification on the vehicle. (Not my car) MY resisting was when i said no to the third time they wanted to search me. I had pulled up my shirt for them. I had allowed them to pat me down. But when it came to putting a hand inside my waistband i said no. That is when i was slammed to the ground by two park personnel. I had my friends car impounded over the weekend. And worst of all had my dog pounded for the weekend, Whom needed medicine and was denied! She is my service dog. (Un officially) And i went to jail. because of the severity or lack of the severity of the charges i was released after a few hours.

    I am seeking help in obtaining dash cam video, complaints against the park personnel. And dog pound and sheriff for not allowing me to get the medicine my dog needed for salmon poisoning.

    I have a mental disability that makes it very hard for me to accomplish these things. It has taken over a week for me to think clearly enough to write this in a manner that may be easy to read or understand. I would greatly appreciate any help you could possibly offer.

    William Douglas Paul

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