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By Angry Old American

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Despite the rural conservative leanings of Del Norte County’s residents, our government is 100% committed to enforcing the urban communist agendas of California. Is there any hope of returning to our small town rural heritage?

Laws emanating from California’s Legislature and Statehouse have turned the entire State into a dystopian nightmare. The curse of high-taxes, over-regulation, elimination of the Middle-Class, infringements on property ownership and right to self-defense, homelessness, open-borders, drugs, epidemic crime, arrest-and-release, public school indoctrination, confiscation of our children, and wholesale government corruption is alive and well in Del Norte County.

Sure, our predatory local government puts on a superficial show of serving their community; but their half-hearted efforts are all a second-rate show contrived to dupe their constituents. Our local government’s true concern is money; more and more cash sucked from State coffers for worthless programs and our local citizen’s pockets to be diverted higher executive salaries and fringe benefits. That money will ultimately serve the Good Ole Boys, and grow a local government that is already far too large and fat with inflated payrolls.

Government’s modus operandi is treachery, deception and betrayal. Politicians lie, collude, intimidate and cheat to maintain power, and will compromise their community through the sacrifice of ethics and morality on their altar of avarice.

Both local Democrat and Republican committees are thoroughly bought and paid-for by our wealthy local masters. The scalawags and scoundrels matriculated, selected, and presented to us during elections will support the status quo; growth of our bloated government bureaucracy at the cost of bankrupting every member of their community. Our Good Ole Boys gobble-up our foreclosed homes and properties at pennies on the dollar, To the victors go the spoils.

What can we lowly peasants do to survive the government monster that has destroyed Del Norte County and Crescent City?

We need to act like responsible and respectable human beings once again. Protecting ourselves from State enforced anarchy is a good start. Then, caring for our neighbors is the next step toward a healthy community. Then, once our own houses are in order, and we can rely on community involvement, we can cut the cancer of State sponsored economic and criminal terrorism from this County and re-join Small Town America.

We all must learn to become more self-reliant. This is especially true regarding emergency services. Lock your doors, secure your property, post no-trespassing signs, install intrusion alarms and surveillance cameras, and be vigilant. Be prepared to secure and protect yourself and your home with defense tools. Keep fire extinguishers handy at multiple locations, and learn how to use them. Have first aid kits and a trauma bag available in your home and vehicle, and know how to use them. Have self-defense tools and alarms handy when in public, and practice situational awareness. Nuts and dangerous felons abound, and assaults on the weak, elderly and disabled are common. Travel and shop in groups if possible. Carry a camera to record crimes in progress.

Get to know your neighbors, and if they are likewise concerned with the rise in crime and compromise of our medical system. Form mutual alliances to keep watch for threats and respond when needed. Encourage neighbors to secure their own homes. Keep a camera handy to capture license plate numbers of suspicious vehicles and prowlers casing your street. If you smell smoke, there is probably a fire nearby. Step outside and determine if it is from a nearby home. If a neighbor has an accident or other medical emergency, have the know-how and equipment to help.

Always call 911 or appropriate agencies when an emergency arises; but know their response may be too late. Hospitals and ambulance companies are understaffed and overworked throughout the USA as are police. Form a community watch group, or join one. However, be aware that new laws in California protect shoplifters, thieves, prostitutes and drug addicts. Law enforcement is often prohibited from acting on complaints.

Always be mindful of California and Federal laws. These laws protect perpetrators of crimes instead of victims. Preventing a shoplifter from completing their crime and leaving an establishment with their stolen goods in California is a criminal offense and can land you in jail. Soliciting for prostitution and jaywalking are protected by State laws. Your children can be groomed for “gender transition” at school or at any public funded facility, and removed from your home if you interfere; not to mention your own prosecution for “Child Abuse.” Self-defense and defense of others may also be cause for arrest and incarceration. Use of less than lethal weapons, such as pepper spray, for self-defense may lead to arrest. Some less than lethal weapons, such as paintball guns with pepper-balls, are illegal in California.  Defense of personal and real property outside the confines of your residence can also be cause for charges. Castle doctrine only applies within your home, and displaying a firearm outside your home is a serious crime called “Brandishing,” In a worse case scenario, possession of a firearm outside the home can be considered assault with a deadly weapon without firing a shot. Pointing a laser sight at another person is strictly prohibited.

Although our legal system has been weaponized against us, it is still important to do what is necessary to protect our lives and the lives of other innocent victims. There is an old adage “It is better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.”

When a large enough portion of this community become involved in law and order, then we stand a chance for survival, Gatherings among neighbors can lead to block meetings, neighborhood organizations, and then town and county rallies. These groups can eventually address the root cause of our plight; our crooked self-serving government. We can then identify the Good Ole Boys that control our local mafia government, boycott their businesses and picket the agencies that represent them. We might be able to clean house and remove every snake-in-the-grass elected official that betrayed our community. Then we can remove every government executive manager making over $100,000 a year and work our way down to those who actually provide a service. We could totally defund those government bodies that serve absolutely no purpose except provide incomes for the Good Ole Boy’s kids. We could remove funding for those entities that actually do damage to us. We might even be able to revive and implement the State of Jefferson movement or join the Greater Idaho Movement. If there are enough liberty-minded people left in Del Norte County, we might earn the distinction of being the first California County to secede from this infernal State.

It all starts with you. Haven’t you seen enough of your neighbors preyed upon? Are you going to wait to be the next target of government sponsored crime or financial bankruptcy?

Winston Churchill once said “A placator is like the man who fed all of his food to a crocodile hoping it would eat him last.” 

One thought on “Return to Small Town America”
  1. Well said. My theory about the types of people that run government are those that could never hold a job in private industry. Gov. keeps getting bigger as the population declines..why is that ? Gov. feels the need to compete with corporations for power. That didn’t work out so well for England once upon a time. The problem is its been a long time and no one reads history any longer so they think its never happened before……..

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