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Opinion and Commentary By Donna Westfall – May 26, 2022

If you read reviews around the country, you’ll pick up that audiences have been packed in some locations.

Not so in Crescent City.

There were four of us at the 7:10pm Tuesday night, May 25 showing at Crescent City Cinema. Being frugal, I learned that Tuesdays are discount day. Instead of $7.50 a ticket, they’re $5. It’s playing through Thursday, May 26.

About the movie.

OMG! SHOCKING! The evidence is overwhelming. What evidence you might ask?

Did you know that some ballot boxes have video recording devices? Why did not all ballot boxes have video recording devices?

Did you know that the term “mules” refers to the people hired to stuff ballot boxes? Hired by who? Non-profits.

Did you know that donors like Marc Zuckerberg, George Soros, Warren Buffet and others contributed nearly $590 million towards the Democrat Party to aid in the fraudulent system..

Did you know your cell phones transmit far more data than we ever knew using GPS tracking? This aided in tracking down the mules and their drop box locations.

This is not an action packed shoot -em up expose. What it is is SHOCKING! And sickening. Not that we didn’t expect something underhanded. Trump being declared the loser just didn’t add up with the highest numbers of votes and thousands upon thousands that showed up at his speeches around the country. He received even higher number of votes than in the 2016 election. Compare that to Joe Biden sitting in his basement and unable to attract crowds… just didn’t make sense that he could ever be declared the winner under a fair vote.

After watching 90 minutes, you leave the theatre wondering what can be done next? Instead of the January 6th nonsense of “insurrection” why aren’t some of our alphabet government agencies investigating and arresting those mules and non-profits involved that stole the election of 2020? Why isn’t Biden being impeached?

Is it because the Democrats, leftist rulers of our country are so massive and entrenched, we’ll never make any headway in overturning this fraud?

Or will American’s fed up with this illegitimate Biden regime have to make waves to correct the situation via the end of drop boxes but instituting strong nationwide voter ID laws?

Or is this going to be the start of a second American Revolution?

Watch the movie.

2 thoughts on “Review of “2000 Mules””
  1. Much of this information was available and reported in the Crescent City Times back in 2020 (“God Loves Joe Biden” among other articles). All of this evidence was intended to be presented during the Confirmation Hearings on January 6th 2021. At the very moment when objections to Electoral Votes was being presented, Capitol Police opened the gates and allowed a breach of the US Capitol. Who is responsible for Capitol Security? The Capitol Police (mostly ex-FBI) work for the Congressional Sergeant at Arms, who in-turn works for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Despite Intelligence warnings of planned disruptions, and offers for additional security staff, Pelosi & Co refused to prepare proper security. Was the breach planned all along? Who benefited from the Capitol breach? All objections to the Presidential Confirmation were immediately silenced!

    The reason that 2020 election fraud is not being investigated, and never will, is simple; why would the perpetrators of a corporate-communist soft-coup, of high treason, investigate themselves? That is also the reason that Republicans, Conservatives, Patriots and the MAGA movement have become public enemy number one!

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