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By Kevin Kiley – May 25, 2024

“No one cares for Gavin, even the Democrats. Behind closed doors they all roll their eyes.” This, in the words of Gov. Chris Sununu, is the esteem in which our governor is held by his fellow governors. It’s one reason we were able to swiftly burst his presidential trial balloon.

I’ve seen it myself. When I was at the State Capitol, Democrat legislators would quietly thank me for fighting against Newsom. Many were secretly thrilled James Gallagher and I sued him, though none would say so publicly.

Meanwhile, I was pleasantly surprised to be the subject of a profile in the New York Times, of all places, under the headline: “With his probing questions, this freshman Republican has stood out in the hearings.” This followed our latest hearing exposing the decay of American universities.

You can watch my 5 minutes questioning the Presidents of UCLA, Northwestern, and Rutgers. There are now renewed calls for resignations, adding to the accountability we’ve brought so far:

  • The Presidents of Harvard, Penn, and Sonoma State in California have all resigned.
  • UCLA’s Chancellor admitted he should have cleared the encampment on his campus immediately – and then, when a new one appeared yesterday, he did just that.
  • We are now examining every dollar of federal funding to see that it is not supporting universities that have been corrupted.

More broadly, our mission to overhaul higher education is advancing: MIT is no longer forcing faculty to submit “diversity statements.” And in K-12, my questioning of Berkeley’s Superintendent is sparking calls to pull back California’s “ethnic studies” graduation requirement.

On the legislative front, we have some very good news. The House just passed a bill I sponsored called the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act. This stops the Federal Reserve from issuing a CCP-style Central Bank Digital Currency.

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Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

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