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August 11, 2016 = News just in that Australian fluoride activist, Darryl Turner, passed away from a heart attack and suffered for 30 years from skeletal fluorosis; his funeral will be tomorrow.  Here is his email from July 2013.

Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 08:53:37 +0930
Subject: I’ve beenformally diagnosed with skeletal fluorosis
Hello Stuart

my name is Darryl Turner and on the 3rd of July just gone, I was formally
diagnosed with skeletal fluorosis by my General Pracitioner who btw is originally
from the USA and his name is Dr Ken Lajoie.

Originally in 1996, I was diagnosed with the chronic fatigue syndrome.

I live in Adelaide South Australia which has been fluoridated since 1971
and have lived here all my life.

I did work in aluminum foundries for nearly 15 years from, 1972 to 1986 and
I did spray release spray containing sodium fluoride every one of those days
in the process of a gravity die caster.

In the link below, the 1st page shows exactly what I used to work on and
how I sprayed my die.

The picture shows a mag wheel die just like the ones I used to work on.

My condition has gradually gotten worse over the years and I haven’t even
been near a foundry since 1986.

Just 3 days after having my left forearm x ray on March 18th, this paper
was published and my forearm is very similar to what’s showing in this paper/link/pdf,
but my spine x ray is worse.

The authorities, health and government, say that there is no skeletal fluorosis
here in Australia, but now we have the evidence Stuart that there is.

Cheers and kind regards

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