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UPDATE:  Robin Williams in early stages of Parkinson’s.


Actor, comedian Robin Williams was found at his home by Marin County Sheriff’s dead of an apparent suicide.

Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1951, but raised in California.  He graduated from Redwood High School in Larkspur, north of San Francisco  Was voted “Least Likely to Succeed” by his fellow graduates at Larkspur. He thought of going into politics, but changed his major and attended Julliard.  He studied at Julliard with actor, Christopher Reeve. The two remained good friends until Reeve’s death in 2004.

Under the wing of John Houseman, John suggested to Robin that he quit Julliard and start performing stand-up. Robin found his niche doing stand- up comedy in nightclubs where he honed his craft which included liberal amounts of ad-libbing..  While auditioning for the part of Mork in front of Garry Marshall, he was asked to sit down.  He immediately sat on his head on a chair and was hired as the only alien who showed up for the audition. During filming of Mork & Mindy, he ad-libbed so much and so well, the producers eventually gave -in and allowed him to do his schtick.  Jonathan Winters was his mentor. Robin said he told him that and Jonathan Winters said, “Please, I prefer idol.”

One week after Christopher Reeve‘s tragic horseriding accident, Robin visited him in the hospital. However, he was dressed from head to toe in scrubs, spoke with a Russian accent, and had a surgical mask on. He was acting as if he was a real doctor and did a bunch of wacky antics. After he took off his mask, Reeve stated that, “That was the first time he laughed since the accident!”

In 1996, he had 2 of his films (Jumanji and The Birdcage) reach the $100 million mark in the same week.

In 1997, he was voted as the funniest man alive by Entertainment Weekly.

Robin Williams career included writing, directing and producing in addition to acting and stand-up. He frequently entertained the troops.

Winner of 1 Oscar for a serious role in Good Will Hunting, nominated for 2 more Academy Awards. He will best be remembered for his zany humor.

Successfully fought drug and alcohol additions in the ’80. But had been battling depression possibly with news of early stages of Parkinson’s Disease. Robin Williams, dead at the age of 63.


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