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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – May 3, 2022

The speculation has reached a feverish pitch that the United States
Supreme Court will take the Federal government out of the abortion
industry and return that option to State governments. The hue and cry
when hearing the news from the left side of America was instantaneous
and loud.  Here in California our illustrious “Empty Suit” Gavin Newsom
along with the equally vacuous State Senate leadership outdid
themselves with solemn promises to “protect the rights of women”, no
mention of the “other life” involved.  Vowing  “California will not
stand idly by as women across America are stripped of their rights and
the progress so many have fought for get erased”.  How dramatic.

While abortion may no longer be the business of the Federal Government,
the ruling will be unlikely to prevent State governments such as
California from the passage of their own version of genocide.  This
concept of not allowing a “woman’s right to choose” flies in the face of
the choice a woman makes to conceive the child in the first place and
then expects her to be able to freely make a second choice obliterating
the rights of the conceived child.  Some kind of logic there.  Ever
since the original ruling that made abortion the law of the land by a
previous Supreme Court, the issue has been contentious.  One side would
ignore the irrefutable fact that there are two individuals present when
the decision is made to end one of those lives.  Only one of those
individuals does the choosing.  Not exactly fair to the one that is

There is no doubt that any final decision in this matter by the Supreme
Court will not satisfy many in this Country, nor will those that fought
to end abortion on demand be happy if it becomes the realm of States to
decide fates going forward.  There will be no pleasing everyone when it
comes to this thorny issue.  It does not help when our State’s supreme
lord and master throws gasoline on the fires of discontent before any
announcement of a final Court decision.  One more example of our “Empty
Suit’s” inability to lead.  Whatever one thinks about abortion as a
practice, there will be places in this Country that will accommodate any
and all needs.  Sad to say, the only ones that will not be satisfied
will be those in States that allow abortion to continue and are “too
young” to be allowed the dignity of a choice.

4 thoughts on “Roe v. Wade”
  1. Preach!! I agree 100%. If men had to bear children, abortion would be available and funded by the government. I’d like to know if Mr. Strait has ever cared about someone who got raped and ended up pregnant. I’d like to know how many babies saved from abortion by these “pro-life” activists have been adopted by Mr. Strait, if in fact any of them take responsibility for these children once they are born. Do they take them in and raise them as their own? Too often, people who are “pro-life” only seem to care about the “pre-born,” and lose all empathy and concern once the children leave the womb.
    What I think few anti-abortion activists fail to grasp is that none of us are fans of abortion. No one grows up dreaming that someday they’ll get pregnant and get to enjoy an abortion just ’cause. Abortion is a terrible, difficult, life-changing decision for a woman. It isn’t done lightly, and I imagine the vast majority of women who have had one still know how old that child would have been, and think about what might have been under different circumstances. Whether it is poverty, being trapped in an abusive relationship and not wanting to bear your abuser’s child, becoming pregnant as the result of rape or incest, or any of a multitude of other factors that go into the decision to have an abortion, it isn’t an act that brings joy or satisfaction. It is a painful, difficult decision, and women have the right to make that decision.
    I think maybe we should have a law that men must have a vasectomy at 16, and they may not have it reversed until they can prove they are able to responsibly procreate. How does that sound, Sam? A bit invasive? I’m obviously not serious. It isn’t the government’s place to make laws restricting our bodily autonomy. Maybe think on that, Sam, and please know I’m not suggesting you’re a monster. Far from it. I know how much you love your family, and how proud you are of your daughter. I know you likely cannot imagine life without her, and you are coming from that place in your beliefs about abortion, but unless you are all ready and willing to take care of these babies up until adulthood, or at least support social safety net programs aimed at children, what will happen as a result of this change will be devastating to this country. Child poverty will skyrocket, and the foster system will be even more overwhelmed, and women who were raped will have to share custody of children with their rapist depending on the state. (
    I’m really terrified for women of childbearing age right now, because I was one once. I got lucky, and didn’t end up pregnant when what happened to me happened, but others aren’t so fortunate.

    1. Preach, Ms. Carter all you wish, yet apparently you are unaware that the progressive left has deemed men are now female and can “bear” children. That aside, I am saddened by the glimpse that you have provided of your world. In an age of “birth” control for those that have “no” control it is sad to see that your world is filled with rapists, sexual abusers, and no control hook ups. Some how that world seems to carry a great deal of disdain for the majority of us that feel choosing, and I mean both people involved, to have children responsibly is a relatively “minor” expectation in today’s societal norms. Similarly, to think that because a child is conceived from rape, sexual abuse, or permissive sexual arrangements is a rational for abortion also saddens me. I cannot say that I have experience with regard to any of the repugnant forms you describe as a rational for abortion, yet I do know that should I have encountered such a horror, the unborn child and its mother in my world would not bear the responsibility for such behavior from their “adults” and be cared for like a child and the mother should be cared for.
      To assume that no one cares about children in your world after they are born rather than be aborted, is an assumption that cannot universally be made, as there are a great many children who are adopted and become great successes in life. Adoption for the “unwanted” children could more easily be available in the world that you have forsaken for a start, not that that is the complete answer to the problem, but it is a start. As far as blaming me personally for the darkness in your world, that is your privilege, but I do not wish to share that darkness knowing that my children are nothing but light and cared for to the very best of my ability, no matter what the circumstances.
      All the concern you have for mothers who chose abortion may very well be the case, but the anguish they feel is from a “choice” they have made not only by the act of abortion, but by the act of conception in many cases as well. There is such a thing as the “morning after pill” after all.
      Setting aside rape and sexual assault, society as a whole has become very much more permissive than it was in my youth. That, is something that also should be reflected upon as a problem that could very likely be addressed as a root cause for many of those children who were terminated. I agree that the concept of vasectomies for those males who lack both maturity and self control is a tempting “solution”, but as you say we cannot depend on the government to be the arbiter of that solution, and must depend on the frailty of humans, ladened with the mistakes made in life to for the most part be granted the ability to grow up and be responsible for those mistakes. Sad to say it is not something universally attainable, but to paint the human population with that brush all the while promoting an “abortion” as a solution to the problem, I am sorry I beg your forgiveness when I say there has got to be a better way, most particularly for a child rarely thought of as a living breathing entity, worthy of life.
      In any event, all your hand wringing angst is for naught, as states like California will continue to allow the practice right up to the point of live birth if the federal government were to relinquish its hold on abortion nation wide. To think that some people would like to stop that practice after fifteen or even twenty four weeks in a few places in the United States becomes only a question for your conscience, not mine, whatever the rational you might project on the issue. While I admit, I am not female, even in the sense given to the progressives of this Country, yet I would if it was humanly possible provide all the necessary love and support for any unwanted child rather than see them terminated before birth. As with most things in life, there are no guarantees, and bad things happen to all people, but even you will have to admit that abortion is a rather permanent condition in a child’s life. With that said, feel free to project all your feelings of terror you wish upon me. For I have a broad shoulder to rely on Louise, that is if you will allow the familiarity?

  2. Did the man who ejaculated uncontrollably inside the woman chose to conceive a child? As a man against abortion have YOU taken personal responsibility for uncontrollably ejaculating? Have YOU had a vasectomy. Vasectomy prevents abortion. If you have not had a vasectomy and taken personal responsibility for your ejaculations than you have NO RIGHTS to demand a woman take responsibility for YOUR inability to control yourself.

    1. Nobody is “demanding” anything but you, Gail , just a bit of maturity. Likely not much chance of that.

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