Fri. Apr 19th, 2024



Every day the group fighting Monsanto’s GMO’s sends out dozens of snippets on Facebook.  One of those happens to be both entertaining as well as educational.


Ron FinleyRon Finley lives and works in South Central Los Angeles.  Home to liquor stores, fast food restaurants and vacant lots. His 10 minute video will grab your attention as he stresses, FOOD IS THE PROBLEM AND THE SOLUTION. He says that if you teach a child to plant kale, he’s going to eat kale.

His work is transforming those vacant lots, front lawns and strips not maintained by the City into gardens.  A place for people to volunteer to plant food.  If they want to steal, let them steal food.

Ron states that the drive thru’s are killing more people than the drive bys.  Obesity is rampant and dialysis centers are popping up more often than Starbucks.

If you have 10 minutes, watch Ron Finley, Guerilla Gardener on TED talks.

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