Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

By Donna Westfall

The City of San Francisco has term limits for their elected officials.  It’s limited to two terms (8 years). They can be elected for a term of two successive 4 years terms, but requires 4 years off before rejoining through an election or an appointment.

In 2010, San Diego voted in two term limits because five of the those long-term supervisors were Republican, white, and graduates of San Diego State University. In other words, the Board was sometimes criticized for this homogeneity.  Similar to criticism of the Del Norte County Grand Jury.

Our Del Norte County Board of Supervisors currently has three long term supervisors on it.  David Finigan, Martha McClure and Gerry Hemmingsen. Rumblings from some people from the 5th District (Finigan’s) who are fed up with his totalitarian rule of BOS meetings and constant interruptions while people of the public try to express themselves within their allotted three minutes. Talk of a recall is in the works.  It only takes 700 signatures to put the recall on the 2016 ballot.

There may also be an initiative on the ballot to limit terms.  Two terms is plenty in this small town.  Otherwise, they get a foot hold that’s hard to impossible to eradicate.

Whoever decides to spearhead the Term Limits Initiative should also include language to make it retroactive so that new blood is assured.


One thought on “Rumblings of Term Limits and Recall?”
  1. Great article and I agree. At the last BOS meeting it was packed, and I understand it was going to be a long day as there were many speakers. BUT when an elderly man who has one foot in the grave and another on the banana peel tried to speak, Finigan kept him on the clock and would not afford him the common courtesy of another minute or two to state what was on his mind. Finigan commonly disrespects everyone with interruptions during their three minute time periods and is argumentative with those who are speaking..

    In Oregon the people do not put up with that kind of government. I guess Mr. Finnigan should be glad he lives in California where the people put up with that form of government.

    It is time for the People of the 5th district to RECALL Mr. Finnigan and exercise their given rights to control this locl government

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