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July 10, 2017 –

One Step at a Time – Increasing Awareness to Rural California’s Lack of Representation

On July 29th, Herve’ Leconte, a 57-year old resident of El Dorado County, will begin his 12 day, 500 mile run, from Sonora in Tuolumne County, ending his final leg of the run in Siskiyou County. Herve’ will travel through 15 rural counties of Northern California aka State of Jefferson that encompasses a total of 21 counties.

Herve’ is a native of France, becoming a proud American in 2000. He and his wife Julie, became immediate supporters of Jefferson in 2015, after attending a State of Jefferson  El Dorado County Town Hall.  Herve’ appreciates the freedom and liberty that is America and that emphasized and supported by the State of Jefferson. Additionally, Herve’ is more appreciative and  knowledgeable about the Constitution than many Americans.

Herve’ was raised in a Parisian suburb called Malakoff, which to this day is still run by the Communists. He has seen firsthand the many faces of Socialism and Communism. Growing up, he remembers his French mother tearing up, when she told the story of being liberated on D-Day by  Americans/allies. His French father also recounted many stories from experiencing the German Occupation of France, leaving Herve’ with a deep understanding of Totaltarrian regimes and a reverence for Freedom.

Herve’s love for running began in 2013, after joining Julie at her gym. Once he discovered the treadmill, he began running and discovered that he loved it so much that he never wanted to stop. Julie will tell you, Herve’ has a very active mind and is always busy and found that running actually calms his mind and gives him peace or perhaps his form of meditation.

He soon jumped into the world of Ultra Running and enjoys every minute. He scoffs at those who consider that running long distances is extreme. Some might find that Herve’s early history is even more extreme, when told that in his youth he participated in the annual epic Paris-Dakar, where he traversed the Sahara Dessert alone on a Yamaha 500 XT with only maps and a compass.

Today, Herve’ has put his hobby of running to good work by using it to raise funds and awareness for various causes that are dear to his heart. Herve’ has done numerous runs for law enforcement, first responders and military families. In fact, Herve’ is the Chairman of the Board for a local non-profit called Military Family Support Group and he and his wife work tirelessly to help veterans and military families in their community


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