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By Donna Westfall – February 9, 2018  –

Currently there is only one person interested in running for Judge and that is Bob Cochran.  Per County Clerk, Alissia Northrup, “Cochran is the only person who has filed his Judicial Notice of Intention.  The deadline to file that was Wednesday, February 7th @ 5 pm.  Since the incumbent did not file that extends the filing period until Monday, February 12th @ 5 pm for anyone except for Judge Follett.   All candidates for Judicial office will still need to follow through with the Nomination & Declaration process which starts on Tuesday (2/13/2018) and goes until 3/9/2018.”




7 thoughts on “Running for Judge”
  1. The 2/3/2018 edition of the Triplicate page A5, lists Follett as running for re-election. Also states that he paid a filing fee of $1916.12. What happened to his retirement? And, at the time that notice was printed Bob Cochran was not listed as filing to run.

    1. No, Follett never filed any papers or paid any money. The only one that has is Bob Cochran. Just verified this
      with County Clerk, Alyssia Northrup.

      However because of questions about Bob Cochran’s health and stamina, Wes Nunn believes that Cochran may have to or want to leave the bench and Follett will be back.

      To prevent this from happening, the local taxpayers association has scheduled a letter of complaint to be drafted to the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP).

  2. I’m predicting with his age and bad health, Cochran won’t last a month as judge before bailing out. I also predict it’s a ploy so the hopelessly corrupt Judge Follett can step right back in as a retired judge. It’ll be like Follett never left. Fortunately the Crescent City/Del Norte County Taxpayers Association will be asking the State of California not to hire Follett as a retired judge, based on Follett’s history of corruption and horribly bad judgment.

  3. Hoo boy. And people thought things were bad with Judge Follett. There are probably 1st year law students that are more qualified.

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