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Press Release from Rural Human Services – May 12, 2017 –

The recently reported “settlement” of a lawsuit against Human Rural Services (RHS) and Scott Feller has unfairly placed RHS in an unfavorable light.   RHS does not nor will it ever condone sexual harassment. 
Upon becoming aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct by our Executive Director, Scott Feller, RHS immediately hired an outside investigator and local legal counsel to review the allegations and advise RHS accordingly. 

At the conclusion of this investigation, our local counsel, George Mavris, advised the Board that no actionable harassment had been proven and, further, advised RHS to litigate the claims given the high probability that we would prevail in Court.

Upon the filing of the legal action, RHS provided the complaint to its insurance company which hired its own legal counsel.  Against the advice of Attorney Mavris, the insurance company lawyers paid the claim rather than litigating the issues being presented.  
The decision to settle the claim was not made by RHS but rather our insurance company, which also paid the claim. That insurance company is Nonprofits Insurance Alliance of California out of Santa Cruz, California.
RHS provides services to up to 2,000 people each month through various programs.
5 thoughts on “Rural Human Services hired investigator on Scott Feller sexual allegations”
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  2. Perpetrators make a point of ensuring there are no witnesses, so of course no actionable harassment has been proven. It’s just his word against however many women there are.

    How many are there, anyway?

  3. Del Norte County sounds like a lovely place, but I don’t think I’d want to have anything to do with RHS if you can’t do any better than this. Women rarely invent these sorts of stories.

  4. It is not only time that Scott Feller is fired, it is time that the entire RHS board is fired.

    The Del Norte County Board of Supervisors must refuse to fund or cooperate with any RHS program or service until Scott Feller is fired and the entire RHS board is fired.

    The citizens of Del Norte County should petition the state of California to immmedatly remove RHS’s non-porfit status.

    Time we cleaned this mess up.

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