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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – October 13, 2021

We’ve all heard or seen the mantra at least a thousand times or more. 
Vaccines are better than sliced bread, saved a gazillion lives, the
modern world has emerged from the dark ages with the advent of vaccines,
and on and on.  Almost more adulation than most fans heap on their
favorite sports star.  But does this particular vaccine group for
SARS-COV-2 live up to all the hype, the urgency to “get everybody
vaccinated”, the insistence that all will be well?  Doesn’t look like we
are going to know anytime soon.  Yet with almost religious like fervor,
this is the path that has been chosen for us by not only those in charge
here in the United States, but many other countries around the world.

Down with history, nothing to learn here.  Up with the mind set
irregardless of any science of full speed ahead.  It has to happen. 
Every living soul on the planet must be vaccinated, no matter what the
cost, no matter whether it is even possible. Banish all thought, and
become mindless with the sensation that any one could possibly refuse
this inexorable wave of compulsion to vaccinate the entire planet.  The
human race must be saved after all, SARS-COV-2 has killed over four
million souls in less than two years, millions more have been infected
and somehow been saved.  Disaster seemingly averted once again by man
made vaccines.

Hold on just a minute.  Here in the United State we have been told that
over seven hundred thousand souls have been lost directly attributed to
SARS-COV-2 in the past twenty months.  Not heart failure, cancer,
obesity, lung issues, or any other serious health issue, seven hundred
thousand deaths asserted by medical professionals that the Corona virus
was the cause of death.  World wide the assertion is that 238,272,207
confirmed cased of Covid-19 and 4,857,452 deaths during this twenty
month period as best that can be told.

Yet, a report out of the Centers for Disease Control stated late last
year, October to be exact, that only about six percent of all Covid
deaths can be solely attributed to the virus.  All other deaths had one
or more comorbidities.   So, lets get this straight, only about 43,000
Covid deaths were from the virus alone, at least according to
information from the CDC, here in the United States.  Does that mean
that the total deaths from the Corona virus worldwide could be as few as
291,447, and not nearly five million?

But we haven’t talked about “safe and effective” Covid vaccines yet. 
There is growing evidence that these vaccines are neither safe nor
effective.  It seems that buried amongst the constant chattering of
world authority about how everyone must be vaccinated, only about 20%
world wide are fully vaccinated at this point.  There is the growing
suspicion that all is not well in the mRNA vaccine communities.  Nearly
all data regarding efficacy and safety of vaccines have come from the
manufacturers or the CDC here in the United States.  A surge of new
information from places outside of the US and not under the control of
vaccine manufacturers seem to be saying there is a growing number of
adverse reactions to the mRNA vaccines and a growing number of deaths
shortly after injection.  We are told that this is a rare event, yet
200,000 is not a number to be trifled with if true. Whether or not this
number has any relevance at all, the question becomes now did the
medical establishment fluff up the number of Covid deaths in the first
place where other morbidities were the more likely cause of death, or
are the deaths that can be attributed to the vaccines being tamped down
by being associated with other forms of morbidity to cover up the
possible seriousness of problems with the new vaccines?

Something to think about in this new world that has been manufactured in
twenty short months.  When messages from authority seem to waver with
each passing day, how much faith can we have in “the Narrative”
particularly when the message seems to shift with each passing day?

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