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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – August 21, 2021

While putting together the next installment of Newsom’s Follies, soon to
appear in these pages, and in conjunction with a look at Antibody
Dependent Enhancement (ADE), another story to soon follow, several
numbers began to jump off the pages of the research.   If anyone is
paying attention, the Covid narrative has shifted over the past several
months from testing, to “the vaccines”.  No one seems unduly concerned
over number of infections being reported via mass testing.  The concern
has shifted to the impossible, “100% vaccination.

In case anyone is interested, California has over 4 million “confirmed
cases by testing” of SARS-CoV-2 and likely at least an additional 4
million cases due to the fact that nearly 80% of all Covid cases are
asymptomatic or very mild and have gone unreported.  Recently, the
California Department of Public Health reported nearly 72% of all
Californians having received at least one dose of one of the vaccines,
and somewhat over 60% have been fully vaccinated.  This represents just
short of 28 million Californians.

In piecing information about ADE together, many reports from people in
the medical community are saying the vaccine is both safe and
effective.  They further state that depending on the County in
California, infection rates among the vaccinated range from 0.5% to 5%. 
The unvaccinated are portrayed as “The Problem”.

If the 27 million plus vaccinated have some immunity from the worse
effects of the virus, and a further 6 to 8 million have recovered from
being infected by the virus and have natural immunity, said to be a more
robust protection than vaccination, California is in the enviable
position of having only about 10 to 12% of its entire population that
doesn’t have some form of protection.   27 plus 8 million equals 35 of
39 million in the total population, which leaves less than 4 million
citizens that are neither vaccinated or have had Covid.

This brings to this inquiry a point that if infection rates for
vaccinated individuals are as low as is being reported, how is it
possible for there to be the recent surge in cases we have seen in the
past three weeks?  And, if there is a significant number of individuals
who have experienced Covid and then got the jab, why are there reports
of low numbers in this group where Covid has revisited these
individuals?   The CDC suspended counts of revisited individuals in
May.  Why is that?  Further questions come to mind are, that it has been
reported that infection after receiving the vaccine is any where from 50
to 75% of all new cases.   Why the vast differences and which are to be
believed? Portions of the Medical Community have scoffed at those
reports then gone to repeat the mantra “the vaccines are both safe and
effective” like robots.  Why is it necessary to get the Pfizer booster,
a third jab if the vaccines are that effective?

California is suffering among the highest rate of new Covid cases, 80%
of those being the Delta Variant.  Reports nation wide that do not dwell
on hospitalizations are reporting a very low death rate.  Some people
are reported to have died inspite of being fully vaccinated.   Whether
you believe the reported numbers or not, the hysteria over “THE DELTA
VARIANT” APPEARS TO BE MISPLACED!  It does appear to have spread
rapidly, but its danger to human life seems to be much diminished over
the original viruses’ affect on the population when it first appeared in
January of 2020.

It has long been refuted by a number of studies that masks, distancing,
and hand washing are political theater and have no useful purpose in the
safety of any one against a virus.  Lock downs in an otherwise healthy
population are more damaging than normal activities of that population. 
Vaccines thus far may be considered “safe”, but they do not appear to be
effective over much more than six months.  While many medical
professionals are trumpeting the “safe” portion of the mantra, other
than mass injection of over one third of the world’s population, none of
the vaccines were subject to more than cursory testing prior to the
manufacturing of the vaccines.  The citizens of the world are the trials
being conducted without any of the controls normally found in the
testing of a vaccine by the FDA.

Medical practitioners claim that if the vaccines were some how dangerous
the indicator would have shown up in the first two months.  Those with
previous and long term experience studying vaccines claim that longer
testing is both unnecessary and would be unproductive.  Glad they all
have crystal balls and can “see into the future”.  Others that weigh in
extolling the virtues of vaccines claim that work on similar or even
Corona virus vaccines began in the 70’s but were suspended due to lack
of money.  A historical review of issues with previous vaccines has
revealed at least ten instances where vaccine issues occurred.  This
probably has something to do with the fact that most vaccines require on
average a minimum of 12 years of study and clinical trials.

Understanding that the media, the medical community and government have
driven a campaign of fear, hysteria and terror for one’s health over
this virus.  The numbers beg to differ.

5 thoughts on “SARS-CoV-2, What Is The Real Story?”
  1. Perhaps you’d offer us the research you have used to come to these conclusions? a footnote? a link? Preferably from a site that would be considered reputable, even by your standards? Or should we accept your version of events without question? I would like to think that, as a reporter-at-large, that you are capable of showing the expertise from which your opinion has been gleaned? Show us those studies you mentioned, and the research papers you’ve been pouring over, if you don’t mind. I am most certainly interested.

    1. Hahaha sources? Research? From Sam Strait? Good luck. Perhaps he doesn’t know how to put a link into his submissions? Seems like it should be pretty standard stuff for a reporter.

      1. It is amusing to read comments from readers who are too lazy to do their own research because they don’t like the message and have so little to offer in rebuttal. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise when the messenger is attacked rather than an objective response which lay out arguments for why the content doesn’t measure up. In this day of almost instant access to the entire spectrum of information surely a “Katherine” can do much better than what you have written? Your serve.

  2. Thanyou Sam for the Update on the Medical Practitioner and what they think about the different Vaccines that are Available! Some People are still getting the Virus even after having 2 shots!And now they are recommending a 3rd shot! What does this all mean… does this mean that the shots are not effective. I’m not a believer in these Vaccines and I don’t like the idea of being punished because of my personal beliefs!

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