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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – June 5, 2019 –

The national scene has become one gigantic boor and boring with repetitious repeating of the same tired points.  One thing is for sure, the denials of conspiracy on the part of those who attempted the failed coup on America’s duly elected president will become clearer with each passing day.

I embrace the Left’s illogic and refusal to look at the facts.  Altering the facts to fit their narrative has long been one of their tactics.  After a protracted debate with one of our home grown ideologues, a different friend pointed out that we all “believe” we are right in our conclusions based on our logic.  You can believe the moon is made of bleu cheese but that doesn’t make it so.

As I have pointed out in the past, Adolph Hitler believed he was right.  The Devil, if you believe in such an entity, believes he is right.  I am sure all of the Islamo-Nazis also believe in their holy book and think it is right.  Libertarians believe they are right as do Demo-Communists or RINO-Republicans.  Since when has it become so difficult to sort out right from wrong rather than giving in to some moral equivalency argument?

While Libertarians might be short sighted in their views on isolationism, most of their views are correct and are based in the same Judeo-Christian morality of our Founding Fathers.  As it is wrong to steal, government has no business redistributing wealth via taxation.  As it is wrong to kill, government has no right to steal your life.

We see those in Washington, D.C. attempting to do all of this.  These people have reduced themselves to a version of the audience participants at the Roman Coliseum.  Man enjoys watching his fellow man suffer and has little problem with the death of individuals they feel are beneath them for reasons of race, religion, or financial success.  The politics of envy and jealousy have always ended badly, just look at the French revolution.

So we have a media full of sycophants oddly using the same words or phraseology attempting to get the public to buy into their push for certain objectives such as impeachment.  The media has become a fourth branch of our government.  Why are we looking for Russian interference in our elections when the media has done such a marvelous job creating their own narrative for those on the Left they support?

All of this is a scam or a fraud perpetrated on those of us who have better things to do with our time than listen to their nonsense.  Hoaxes are also part of their repertoire and I can point to “man made climate change” as one of these.  That hoax is a get rich scheme as are the demands to recycle “to save the planet”.

Now we are seeing the start of another one of these schemes in companies providing “green energy” as an alternative to those burning coal or natural gas to generate power.  Much as with the “cap and trade” money transfer system, getting credits does not reduce pollution nor does it generate a cleaner type of energy.

This week we have a front page article on Marin Clean Energy.  It is too bad our city council and new councilman Jim Ernest didn’t take the time to do a little internet research before promoting this outfit as a substitute for Pacific Gas and Electric.  While PG&E actually does produce a percentage of their power from sources like hydroelectric, Marin buys credits then claims they buy clean energy with them.  This is a scam if ever there was one.

Perhaps the most egregious flaw is Ernest’s and the council’s failure to look at the financial ramifications of doing business with those only enriching themselves.  Much like our garbage company, Recology, which requires an eight year notification to terminate their contract, Marin will sign long term contracts for energy which count on municipalities not having the ability to leave once entrapped.

Marin isn’t investing in power for Dixon then having no one to pay for it when Dixon decides it was a bad deal.  My question, though, is what happens if the council signs us up and then the citizens opt out in great numbers?  Marin will either wait until the demand stabilizes or they will terminate based on the unprofitability of the arrangement.  Marin will either find other communities to pick up the slack created by those opting out or it will sue the city to recoup their expenses for which citizens will not even get power.

Statewide we see the scam of high speed rail with its cost overruns and lack of timely completion.  The Twin Tunnels are another debacle waiting to happen.  Citizens get conned into voting for bonds for water and we see no new dams or other water supply generation.  Locally we get duped into voting for school bonds then watch those who control the school district make sure that no real oversight of their spending occurs.

We have a city which doesn’t keep accurate records of money brought in to finance an overpass.  We have a council who obviously have no problem with the way the finance department operates because no directive is ever given to staff to solve the quite apparent problems.

We are supposed to trust a city which takes a consultant’s report on our water system with a solitary recommendation to spend $90 thousand on a pump and subsequently turns that into a $38.4 million scheme to rehabilitate the entire system.

What about the scam attempted to get you to put a local sales tax in place?  Didn’t the city engineer say the roads would be undrivable in 2019 unless this passed?  The roads which were sub par are still sub par but drivable and those in better shape are still in the same shape they were for the last five years.

What is so difficult about telling the truth and being reasonable?  I will guarantee you this, no matter how much money is put into our schools, student performance will not increase because it is not their surroundings which enable children to succeed.  No matter how much money you give to the city government, they will find a way to waste it rather than efficiently using it for the benefit of all of our citizens.

Nothing will push our State government into increasing the supply of water when plenty is derided as a goal.  Goals, in and of themselves, are at the crux of the problem.  Just as those on the Left are fearful of letting you know exactly what their intentions are with their legislation, their fears are well founded because their goals are not your goals.

It would behoove you to examine your beliefs and your belief system.  Benefiting from other’s misery is not a worthwhile endeavor.  You might even find that you will be on the receiving end rather than dishing it out.  If you wish ill on others for whatever reason, karma has a way of evening out circumstances.

As for any and all of these scams, being in the majority doesn’t make you right or logical.  You are simply verifying what I have been telling you all for years

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